“You’re really good at the mom thing.” – my kid

A friend challenged me to do that Blog 365 thing (basically have a blog post every single day). I was doing good for a few days there but then I started feeling so frickin’ depressed and thought no one wants to read this crap , even though I know that may even be the entire point – to put it ALL out there-  and slacked off.

Yesterday was such a bad day. I felt so overwhelmed and had that gasping for air, drowning feeling that comes with not having money to pay the bills. Rent isn’t paid yet and our electric was nearly shut off yesterday. I managed to pay $190 to keep it on but we’ll have a monthly payment plan for the balance on top of our regular bill. Still no washer and the laundromat is cutting into my grocery money.

I was completely prepared to have another day of feeling shitty about myself and everything but then my 11 year old randomly said this morning before going to school,”You’re really good at the mom thing.”

And now I’m good. THINGS are still shitty but I know I’m not and my life isn’t and that’s what I’m carrying with me today to get me through.



9 thoughts on ““You’re really good at the mom thing.” – my kid

  1. I have to remind myself of this particular quote a lot of times. It’s amazing how our kids know when to say just the right thing! Hang in there!

  2. The kids are my fairy godmothers. They wave a wand and I go from schlub ruining everyone and doing a crap job to a magical mom princess they think is awesome. Total transformation. Happens at the weirdest times, too. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  3. It is amazing how your children can make you feel better. I learned last week that my job is ending at the end of August and as I was telling my kids “We’ll be fine, don’t worry, I have options.” I found myself believing it too. The power of my children’s belief in me is enough to keep me going right now.

  4. You all prob already thought of it, my friend and her four sisters used to wash their blue jeans in the bath tub. Put jeans in, water, a little detergent, and they would squish and stomp them like blue jeans grapes, so to speak. Rinse in similar manner and hang to dry. Not the easiest, but it worked for them. They would take turns with the foot work. I hope things get better for you all in short order. Hopefully early garden stuff comes in soon!

    1. Yep, we’ve had to handwash some things. Like yoga pants for daughter’s yoga class (her phys ed class), husband’s work pants,etc. There’s 7 of us in the household now ….sooooo much laundry. Ugh

  5. I’m sorry for your troubles, but I know you will get through this as a family. I don’t know if you are aware of hand powered washing machines and washing wands? I googled them and many varieties and prices come up. I have also seen them advertised in certain prepper/long term storage food catalogs. The wands are usually under $20 or so. I’ve never used them myself, but many people review them and they seem fairly effective, for the most part. I wish you only the best and hope things look up for you and your family soon!

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, those washing wands are basically the same thing as a DIY washer in a 5 gallon bucket and a plunger . I used that when I lived in a house without running water but it was just me and 1 kid then. Now there’s 7 people and that’s just really too time consuming right now. :-/

  6. When I lived on a farm with a “bath with a path”, we had a washer on the 3 sided porch. We ran a hose to a sump pump to the cistern to the washer. Then another hose out to the cow pasture. The timer did not work on it, so I just timed it with a watch. It was a little bit time consuming, but worked. Before that I had a wringer washer that worked great, same set up.

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