rhubarb bonanza

I probably mentioned this already but the town historian tells us that years ago before the property we’re living at became neglected, this house had the best vegetable garden around for miles. She pointed out to this overgrown field near the pond as the former site. It’s so hard to believe looking at it now. When we moved in it was nothing but goldenrod and stupid scrubby bushes & prickers. Now that it’s spring and the field is renewing I’m finding few signs of what it formerly was.I’ll find a clump of daffodils or lillies coming up among dried stalks left behind by the goldenrod.

Monday I stumbled upon a beautiful row of rhubarb. A perfect row, a long ago gardener as it’s architect.


I started harvesting what was ready. I filled a clothes basket full.


Now I’m at the full on chopping stage, freezing and preserving most of it but looking forward to strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert tonight and apple-rhubarb muffins for the boys’ school snacks. My grandmother used to make rhubarb syrup that I loved. I’ll can some of that.
There’s plenty to share,too.



My multi-tasking media today:
::watching:: The Family. I started watching a few days ago, then found out yesterday it’s been cancelled but I’m in too deep now. Damn, Andrew McCarthy is great-creepy in this.
::podcast:: Season 2 of Serial. The general reaction from most people has been “meh. It’s not as good as season 1” but I’m into it so far.
::music:: Painted Shut, Hop Along



3 thoughts on “rhubarb bonanza

  1. I love your posts ❤

    How awesome to be 'discovering' your new yard in spring. That's got to be wonderful. I'm so jealous. I was in a little cottage (with a yard) but had to leave suddenly because the property was sold. Now I'm stuck back in the city in a senior high-rise, with nary a yard or porch or even adequate window light…sigh.) (have to find a new place that will take a senior voucher…hard without a car, but I'm thankful for the roof I have.)

    Anyway…your wonderful new yard/acerage ! I'm willing to bet if you've got such a gorgeous patch of rhubarb, you've perhaps got a patch of asparagus somewhere. It's probably old and worn out, but you could split it up and replant it. And hey…those prickly bushes…any chance you have some raspberries or something in there?

    Please write more as you go along. I'd love to enjoy it vicariously 🙂

    Have a wonderful time .

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