I applied for SNAP again today. The twins are back home for the summer and job hunting. When we lost SNAP it was because we were making $75 over the limit and they weren’t counting the twins because they were away at college. I thought it was worth applying again, even though once they do get jobs their income will count (even though it’s not like they’re going to give me their entire paycheck, yanno? )

Losing SNAP has been the thing that’s been hurting us the most over the last few months. If we could get that again it would make a big difference.

On Tuesday my husband got hurt at work. Sounds like he may have to be out of work for a bit and possibly surgery with a longer stretch out of work while recovering. I’m bracing myself for whatever happens with that,too.

But the good news: New washer will be here either tomorrow or Monday.  I am never going to get on board with this whole fascination some people have with “the good old days” and wanting to live like Ma Ingalls on the prairie. I really love machines that do the washing of clothes for me.

I do like the sun to dry clothes for me though. I have to add that to my to-do list this weekend: put up clothesline.

SO happy the sun has come back to us. It was a ridiculous winter.