Bread Facing

I love watching people’s reaction when I point them in the direction of Bread Face.
Fullscreen capture 5232016 70424 PM.jpg

In case you haven’t seen this, there’s a young women who has an instagram account of nothing but her smashing her face into bread products. Perfectly good bread products.


Some of the bread looks sooooooooo good.
I can’t look away.

I have so many questions. Like does she still eat it after she smooshes it? I think a lot of people would feel better just knowing she does. This hits a very touchy nerve with a lot of food insecure people (or previously food insecure people) ,even if it’s easy to recognize that this isn’t grand scale epic food waste because the act of destroying food here is so in your face. Back in December I read that she had spent $200 just for bread .

I wonder how many donations she gets? I bet it’s a good number. If only I had known that’s what people wanted to see on the Internet, I would have happily shoved my face in some Pepperidge Farm . Dumpster dived bread,of course.

Bizarre times, my friends.

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