Thank you to everyone who donated money this month, either through paypal or as a Patreon supporter. Your contribution has helped alleviate a lot of stress here. The Patreon funds will help get a new print zine out early in June (fingers crossed).

A part of the monetary donations were spent on new shoes for my little guy. He told me one morning he wanted “pink shoes with unicorns on them”. One of his sisters also said that one day he told her he wanted shoes like hers but pink. They’re Converse high tops. I struck out finding pink converse with unicorns but he was just as happy with the shoes.

Best shoes ever. I realize this is a weird picture but I took it during lunch on his field trip I chaperoned yesterday and it was about the only time his feet weren’t moving

I also scored that t-shirt he’s wearing at a thrift store for 99¢ last week. I was able to get a few other good scores for the kids’ summer wardrobes,too. Even little  expenditures like that wouldn’t have been possible w/out the support.

I also want to individually thank Cheryl for helping make my little one’s birthday an even more special day…and also including my other son in your generosity. Thank you so much!

saying “goodbye” to his dog before getting on the bus with hsi new backpack. Thanks, Cheryl!



Thanks to Laraine for the care package with little essential goodies much needed in a household with 4 women.

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and support lately. It’s helping me to get through this more than you might imagine.

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