Did polygamous sect have a right to share food stamps? – You know I rarely even touch food stamp fraud news because there’s such a small rate of abuse of the program but this here… “FLDS members will argue religious right to hand over food stamps in fraud case“.
An FLDS sect (Jeffs family) is trying to argue that they have a religious right to have access to their members’ benefits. The FLDS-owned stores in that community have been using members’ EBT cards to claim purchases that the members didn’t actually get to keep and when they do have needs, they need to petition for items from the community storehouse. There is so much abuse in this particular FLDS sect that my 1st thought is that they could very easily be using food access to harm & control members (mostly women and their children). And hell,no… they don’t have a religious right to government benefits issued to members. That’s bullshit.

Hundreds Of Thousands Have Lost Food Stamps In Florida – more cuts due to the new requirements that limit to people w/out dependents. The burden now falls on churches and food pantries to feed people

Food Retailers Push Back Against SNAP Stocking Rule – we knew this would happen

REP. FRANK LUCAS: USDA proposal threatens rural America’s access to assistance – this man gets it and this really touches on how the USDA requirements may impact poor rural people even more than urban folks.

Families who currently rely on these assistance programs would be forced to travel even further for affordable and sustainable groceries or lose access to them altogether.

In fact, many of these stores have even indicated that a vast majority of customers using food stamps at their locations are residents of the community, not just those passing through.

The bottom line is that SNAP must remain accountable and accessible for all Americans – not just those in heavily populated parts of the country. I have joined several of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle in a letter to the USDA requesting that they stick to what the 2014 Farm Bill laid out.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, the Farm Bill is not written for the good times but for when times aren’t so good. This applies to both the production and the nutrition side of things.

.Paul Ryan, GOP Eye $23B In Food Stamp Cuts In 2017 Budget – Paul Ryan can go to hell.

Here are 6 important things Republicans want you to forget about food stamps – all good reminders

Arkansans React to New SNAP Ruling – again, reinstated work requirements have Arkansans  left without SNAP. And again, there’s quote from a supporter who thinks this will actually encourage and motivate people to get jobs, even if there are no jobs to be had or if it’s a low wage job.

How A Plan To Make Food Stamp Recipients Healthier Could Backfire – exactly.

LA farmers markets start signing up to accept food stamps – apparently not all LA farmers’ markets were SNAP eligible before.(I hope this sinks in w/ the people who claim that SNAP people need to buy nutritious food at their local farmers’ market.They don’t get that not everyone has a local market).  Now more are and also doubling dollars

Data Reveals Millions Of Eligible Seniors Are Not Receiving Critical Federal Benefits
Ending the Senior Snap Gap
It’s shameful.