Bill Gates says giving poor people chickens helps more than cash handouts – chickens are great. I love chickens.Heifer International’s livestock program (this is what Bill is supporting) is FANTASTIC. It’s important. Yes, let’s give people chickens to raise and feed themselves, as well as to make money from. BUT we should also be giving them cash. Bill Gates says that giving poor people money is fleeting despite so many social experiments and research that contradicts that statement. They start businesses, educate children and themselves, get healthy, and support the economy in their own community. This is the case in all parts of the world when impoverished people are given cash instead of resources (which incidentally, given chickens over cash, a family may have to choose to sell their chickens in order to pay for other expenses. )

When Bill talks about “poor people” here it’s about the African poor people primarily. I just wanted to state that for people who don’t feel like reading the article because some people who read that headline thought it applied to poor people in places like the US and the idea of chickens fixing all out poverty issues here is a hilarious idea. Most people I know who can have chickens only can keep maximum of a few dozen without committing themselves to all out farming which hardly anyone can do without start-up money and a local market that supports it, not to mention a lot of small farmers need to keep jobs off the farm in order to live. If the backyard chicken person makes money from the eggs or chicks, it’s a menial profit after expenses.

We could try an experiment in which we pay CEOs with chickens,though. That should play out well. Could be very awful for the chickens,though. Like I said – I like chickens. Never mind.