What foods would you like to see in a Backpack Program?

I’m sharing this question today from a reader who is involved with starting a Backpack Program for junior high aged kids in her area.

For anyone not familiar with the Backpack Program : every Friday during the school year, food is sent home via backpack . The goal is to provide  food for the weekend to kids who rely on free school meals.

S asks:

If your student came home and opened their backpack on Friday afternoon, what would be most helpful to find?


Total gross weight under about 5 pounds

Picky kid friendly


Easy prep since some families have no cooking facilities except possibly a microwave

Pretty cheap, like $5 retail



3 thoughts on “What foods would you like to see in a Backpack Program?

  1. I really hope to see the answers! We don’t have a backpack in my area, because our food pantry can’t afford it yet. Estimates here are $130/kid/school year.

  2. What a great idea! If my daughter cane home from kinder with food for the weekend I would love love love to see these things in her backpack:
    – cheese (long life doesn’t need refrigeration)
    – noodles that can be cooked in boiling water without a stove
    – tinned veggies, particularly tomatoes ( to go with the noodles and cheese)
    – Flatbreads, wraps or tortillas
    – tinned beans
    – a treat like a packet of biscuts
    – a bag of quick oats for breakfasts

    With that and a microwave I could make vegetarian pasta one day and vegetarian tortillas the next, with leftovers for lunch each day. Cheese on both. Not sure about prices in the US, but you could get all this for $5 if you shopped carefully in Australia.

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