SNAP news: Maine food stamp drama,the push accepting SNAP online,and more



Maine Gov LePage’s recent shenanigans

So,here’s what happened-
Governor LePage has been proposing bans on candy and whatever food poor people shouldn’t eat for awhile now. ( it’s been covered here and other posts on this blog).

On June 8th, the US Department of Agriculture (also referred to as “Obama” in most news headlines about this) sent Maine’s SNAP Director a letter that basically said, “No. Sit down. You can’t do that and besides, isn’t there a bunch of other stuff you should be working on?”

LePage responded by having a toddler tantrum in which he threatened to end all SNAP in the state of Maine.   Remember: the reason LePage’s admin stated for wanting the ban on certain foods was for the health of SNAP recipients. But ok,sure… take away ALL their food stamps so they can’t eat at all.  Obviously, Maine has it’s poorer citizens health as a Maine priority.

No, I don’t think for a second these bans have anything to do w/ health concerns. Every legislator who introduces similar rules is purposefully ignoring research that contradicts the idea that people spend SNAP on primarily junk food.

People had things to say:

There’s more to SNAP than Mars bars and Mountain Dew

With food stamp recklessness, LePage shows little respect for federal law, Maine’s poor


Maine’s first lady gets a summer job – LePage’s wife got a waitressing job to supplement her husband’s income. He’s making poverty wages at $70,000/year (he’s the lowest paid governor). I’m guessing Ann LePage will have co-workers who are also SNAP recipients, so that should be interesting,eh?


July SNAP Changes 

Louisiana Begins Work For Food Stamps Program

Staggered issuance of food stamp benefits starts July 1 – Idaho


New Bills Being Introduced

Protecting us from hordes of food stamp-using lottery winners – Saunders –  NC legislator Bert Jones wants to  require the state Lottery Commission to report winnings of more than $2,250 to the state Department of Health and Human Services every month so it can cross-check for food stamp recipients and applicants. Never mind that there are already federal mandates that disqualify people from SNAP if they win over a certain amount in the lottery.
I guess I’m wondering if there are really that many SNAP recipients who are also lottery winners that this even needs to be a thing?

Everything Else SNAP Related
You’ll be hearing more about this in the next few weeks.


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