All things recent. Mostly good for a change. Yay,go us! This of course means by next update will be THE WORST.

My biz has been going super well. We managed to get all the basics paid in June – rent, electric,Internet, and car insurance; plus had money for groceries and I think I paid a past due balance on at least one of the medical bills. I don’t think that’s happened in months.

I was sure that the last 2 weeks income would make us over the limit for SNAP again but apparently NY has new eligibility limits that make it easier for working people to qualify. I can find very little about this online and it was a NY DSS worker who told me.

Our SNAP will be available on the 9th and I’m already planning my grocery list to make the most of that $221.

We also were due to have the car inspected. It passed. Whew.

The husbeast built me a clothesline using all scrap lumber someone tossed out. I hate using the dryer on nice-weather days. Our electric bill is actually not that terrible here but large family=lots of laundry so it might actually lower it a little to line dry.


Still droughting it hardcore here in NY. We are in the epicenter of it. It’s rained 20 miles in every direction around us the past two weeks. Nada here. Our water source is good so far,though. We get our water from an artesian spring and by all neighborly accounts, has never gone dry *knock on wood*

Our friend put a hose hook-up in for us last week (Thanks, Bruce!) and the garden has gone crazy since I’ve been able to actually water it well. The peas and swiss chard are mostly fried but everything else is looking good.

Most meals I made recently were our boring frugal standards. Lentil based things this week (I usually cook a bag of a particular type of dry bean and stretch it in different recipes throughout the week), pasta one night. Dressed up instant ramen. This Potato Nacho Casserole thing I make .

I did attempt to make dolmas (my most favorite food ever) with cabbage leaves instead of grape leaves. The cabbage leaves were uncooperative.  I gave up and we just ate the rice mixture by itself.

We bought peaches at the grocery store one day and they were kinda gross. I made them into Peach-Rhubarb Jam and all was well.

It was the 1st time I did any canning since moving into this house. The stove is glass top. Before canning I ran through all the things I’d been told about canning on a glass top stove and kinda freaked out. There was that one lady who had the horror story about an explosion and a missing eye and another lady who brushed that off and was like, “Pffft. Canning on a glass top is fine!”.  My books and the Internet said a little of both. What I deduced was : flat bottom canner with not a lot of weight or many jars is ok. Check and check for the jam canning . I did it and both house and eyes remain intact.
Probably in the future when I do a lot of jars at once or something like tomato sauce,I’ll probably do the canning over an outdoor fire. I’ve done this once before when there was a power outage and I was trying to save everything in the freezer that had thawed and the stove was electric. Worked great.

Oh,also- my favorite treat this past week was Frosted Lemonade. Super cheap vanilla ice cream + frozen lemonade on sale for 99¢ …great inexpensive yummy.