forced hiatus

Blogging is hard without a laptop. Mine was sent to be fixed about a month ago now. Heard the other day it may not be fixable. I should know this week.

Meanwhile, I still have an ipod that is old and cranky (like I’m getting to be) and I’ve been posting on Instagram. I should probably utilize that more as a microblogging platform anyway.

This is me on IG: qwabeck

I post pictures of basil and kittens. Exciting stuff.

(It was pesto-making day)

And twitter. I’m always on twitter. @dumbsainted

Also, an update for my patreon supporters… THANK YOU for your continued support. Since I have no idea if I’ll have an actual computery thing  I’ve forgone the new way of doing things and going old school w/ zine making – handwritten, scrappy, artsy,adorable.
Of course everything I had already written was on the dead laptop, so I had to start over from scratch. Ridiculous. I love and hate technology so much it hurts.

9 thoughts on “forced hiatus

    1. Oh. It turns out 6 free months of Dropbox actually came with my laptop but I didn’t know that until today when I got the laptop back. I never activated it so it’s still valid. Yay!

  1. I have an extra laptop. It’s a small one but relatively new and completely functional. I would happily donate this to your cause because I love your blog and I dont want you to disappear In to the dead computer black hole. Being a penny pinching, check to check living, single mom of four I understand and live the struggle. If you are interested i will pay all costs to send it to you 🙂 I have had some incredible gifts from people:family and friends, and total strangers in the last few years….I want to return the favor. Please email me if interested and thanks for your lovely words.

  2. Cloud storage and, at the risk of having something thrown at me, backup your data. I may have an old laptop around if you’d like to have it.

    1. I have some of it in cloud storage but cant continue working on it or do much with it without a computer.

      Thanks for the offer:-)
      I will let you know after I find out more.

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