Blogging is hard without a laptop. Mine was sent to be fixed about a month ago now. Heard the other day it may not be fixable. I should know this week.

Meanwhile, I still have an ipod that is old and cranky (like I’m getting to be) and I’ve been posting on Instagram. I should probably utilize that more as a microblogging platform anyway.

This is me on IG: qwabeck

I post pictures of basil and kittens. Exciting stuff.

(It was pesto-making day)

And twitter. I’m always on twitter. @dumbsainted

Also, an update for my patreon supporters… THANK YOU for your continued support. Since I have no idea if I’ll have an actual computery thing  I’ve forgone the new way of doing things and going old school w/ zine making – handwritten, scrappy, artsy,adorable.
Of course everything I had already written was on the dead laptop, so I had to start over from scratch. Ridiculous. I love and hate technology so much it hurts.