mercury retrograde


I wish I had more Freddie than retrograde this time around.

For anyone unfamiliar with what Mercury retrograde is:
It’s astrology stuff. Probably nonsense but always seems to hold true for me, or maybe I’m just prone to shitastic events. A few times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Mercury rules over communication and things that involve planning,codes,travel,documents,getting places, getting shit done. Since Mercury is mixed up, these things get all scrambled ,too.

Mercury in retrograde has me googling this morning, “How much does a clutch repair at mechanics cost? “and “Are there any car rental places that don’t require a credit check?”

The answers are “too much” and “no way”.

The good news is we drove the car 78 miles with no clutch and didn’t die. Before the clutch decided it was done with life, we managed to finish back to school shopping and had a little visit with daughter at college (and delivered all the things she had forgotten to pack,including her phone. Related sidenote: ADHD is genetically inherited. Sorry,kids.). We managed to make it to my Mom’s house where we ditched the car and she gave us a ride and our stuff the other 30 miles back home.

My husbeast had to work today and fortunately the bus worked perfectly for his schedule today. Tomorrow (Sunday) there is no bus and he has to be to work at 7a.m. so he’s actually thinking of sleeping in the break room tonight or just getting up super early so he can start walking the 12 miles to work (and hope someone picks him up).

It’s amazing that we lived without a car for 14-ish years and I had already forgotten how much it sucks.
At least before we lived within walking distance to basic stuff and it wasn’t as bad. Rural living with no car=no fun.


More Freddie. Less retrograde from here until Sept 22nd, please.






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