This is our wheels for the next few days. We couldn’t rent a car because of our zero credit but uhaul on the other hand doesn’t require a credit card or credit check. The pick-up truck they have wasn’t available but they had a cargo van.

Thanks to husbeast’s coworkers who suggested this. This works out to be quite a bit less expensive than a rental car, anyway. Rent is going to be late but there’s no bus Sunday or Monday here plus he’s been scheduled the opening shift lately and there’s no buses that early even when they are running.

It works out well since we also have free wood to haul from someone’s property. We’ve been bringing a little bit at a time home in our poor little Honda Civic.While we have it we’ll be able to get it back home much faster.

A friend who knows a thing or 20 about cars is looking at ours today to see what’s wrong with it and hopefully it’s something he can fix.  Dinner & a nice 6 pack of beer = adequate payment for labor.

Everyone cross fingers and hope for some good news.