grocery shopping



View from inside our no-longer-dead car, on the way to the grocery store

YES, we have our old wheels back. It was a simple fix (but may be temporary). The uhaul we rented ended up being $260-ish. It was less expensive than a car rental still and if we hadn’t rented it, the husbeast would have missed  days of work. So, it was more than we could afford but we couldn’t afford not to. I hate making stupid decisions like that.
Yep, rent is late.

Yesterday was our SNAP day,too. We spent $157 of our $221. Hopefully I can make a lot of it stretch. I predict lots of creative pantry anarchy happening this month.

After putting the store-groceries away, I pulled these out of the garden.img_0395 Grocery gardening is the best.

We’re still dealing with a drought here. The USDA declared our county a natural disaster due to crop loss on farms here. Needless to say, gardening was hard,too.I have a lot of tomatoes but they’ve taken forever to ripen. This is the 1st decent bunch. I’ve harvested 8 pumpkins already,though. Things are a little backwards out there in the garden.



2 thoughts on “grocery shopping

  1. Your tomatoes are beautiful! I dream of having a garden again someday =) Also, it was a stroke of genius to use a UHaul instead of renting a car…I don’t care if it was a “necessity is the mother of invention” thing, you still deserve appropriate praise and high fives for coming up with that. I’m happy you have your car back in working order and I hope it lasts a while!!!

  2. I live in CT and we are also in drought here. And things are either two weeks behind or two weeks ahead. If you still have any giant zucchini, I made a great zucchini ginger jam. (The zukes have kind of faded at this point here). Green tomato preserves? Green tomato pie? (I also made a tomatillo jam which was good, but the recipe needs tweaking) Basically I use equal weights of fruit and sugar.

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