walking again


I took this picture Friday on the way home from the post office. Not in our car. Walking.
Fixed car not fixed. Hopefully we’ll have it back this week. The work that had been done as of Friday afternoon was $260-ish with another part and more work needed. I have no idea what the final bill will be.

The 18th of the month. Rent still not paid. Electric shut off pending for this week. This month blows.

Positives: The walk was nice on Friday. The post office is almost exactly 2 miles from our house . It took about 40 minutes to get there. On the way home was a bit longer since it’s uphill. Before moving here, I walked everywhere. My body noticed that it had been awhile. I’m still feeling a little achy today. I think I will try to make a walk to the PO a once a week thing even after we get our wheels back. Or maybe I’ll finally get air in the tires of my brand new bike. That would be cool,too.

7 thoughts on “walking again

  1. I favor the bicycle, especially now that I’m not driving. The uses a third to a fifth the energy of walking and takes a third or less of my time. I love walking, but cycling is far more practical, even here in the city. Unfortunately, my bike is down until I feel well enough to finish a repair, but it’s the most efficient form of land transportation known to man. (Using a cart or trailer with it helps with things like groceries.)

    1. I was an avid bicyclist for a long time and had a cute little trailer on the back that I hauled all sorts of things in. And then some teenagers stole it, went joyriding (they rode in the trailer!) . Bike was so trashed and the axels on the trailer were bent. But they RETURNED IT. Omg. This happened 2 years ago and I still can’t even with all of that LOL

      So, I got a brand new bike for my birthday in March. I don’t dare ride with the kids on our road (very busy major route) so I haven’t even ridden it yet :-/

      1. I ride where-ever I need to go due to the lack of a car in my life. I can take transit here in the city, and I do, but I’ve been riding for practical transportation for so long that I’m not afraid of much other than interstates and a few city streets. However, I do pay close attention to being highly visible, especially by using a road-worker-type safety vest. That really seems to get drivers’ attention.

  2. Hi Jujubee. Is there a crowdfunding link for you personally? You have many links in there for others, and that makes you wonderful, but I was wondering if there was a way to contribute to your electricity. Love your work, Suzy. (I’m not really a blog.)

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