We have the car back again. Fixed to the tune of $434. Yikes.
We had an electricity shut off notice for today. Our actual bill was only $33 BUT we had one hellacious bill from this past winter (because old house and space heaters) that I was still paying. I had a payment plan in place that was $109 on top of what our new charges would be. Once you’re late on the payment agreement, you get hit with a shut off for the whole amount. I fell behind (because car). The shut off amount was $575. They let me pay $300 today to keep it being shut off as long as I pay that remaining balance within the next two weeks.

Yikes all over the place. Between the car repairs,renting the u-haul for the days there was no bus, and the electric bill – that was rent money. Rent not paid for September yet.

On the plus side, we were able to get to the food pantry this week. Some produce plus the basic canned foods,rice,etc. It’s a huge help. The EBT  SNAP balance is zero.

We’re up for SNAP recert in October. We probably will not be approved. One of our college kids is living at home and just got a job. Her income will count as our  household income total then.

I’ve also felt under the weather this week. It’s par for the course as school has just started and kids are bringing me home all their new germs. My symptoms fit the basic human flu but I could have cat scratch fever.
All over my Facebook feed this week , my cat lover friends are posting the CDC’s advisory to cat owners about cat scratch disease. I looked at the symptoms. They fit. I’m totally not ruling it out.  Because that would seem about right for this week.



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  1. Currently indulging in a whole month of reckless squandering , just gave up on been poor for a whole month and didnt pay anyone, ignored all the letters , just for the feeling of opening my purse and seeing some cash , nearly all coins , but at least ive had cash .
    My idea of reckless squandering differs from most , I bought a £6 sofa at auction , and spent a whole £10 on stuff i wanted rather than needed . The cupboards are rammed full the freezer is full and Ive been to a couple of Jumble Sales for a winter wardrobe . Next month we need oil for heating ,may need to sell a kidney for that im afraid , we shant even mention the grumbly wheel bearing on the car , its fine so long as i dont do more than 50 .
    We finally managed to sort out the Housing Benefit payments that theyve been threatening me with prison over , seems im not guilty of fraud they just screwed up their calculations !!! So the rent should be payed at least, so thats why im recklessly squandering its a stress reaction, at least thats what im telling myself . lol

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