daily links: podcast recs,Conflict Kitchen

Just a few of my favorite things things from this week. None of them have a thing to do with Brad and Angelina getting divorced . Sorry not sorry.

·:    When Someone Tells You They Cannot Afford Something, Be Kind – It’s fantastic advice on it’s own but yes, let’s also talk about why preschool has to be so damn expensive? And exclusive.The issue with the expense goes without saying. We NEED more pre-school programming that’s affordable for lower income families. Something I noticed as someone who worked in both public and private pre-schools was that the private ones talked a lot about “celebrating diversity” but they were really exclusionary when it came to accepting students of diverse backgrounds into their program. Scholarships were rare for low income families. The programming was not any better (in my opinion, both as a early childhood educator and a parent) than anything that would be considered publicly funded. The kids in Head Start and UPK  were actually experiencing diversity and learning so much from each other about other cultures, languages, and just life in general.

This diverges a bit off Katy’s main point,though. Just MYOB about why people can’t afford something. Sheesh.

:· A new podcast about the spiritual sustenance of leaders in social justice movements, Fortification – Only 2 episodes so far but I’m feeling inspired and uplifted.

·: I’m in love with the idea of Conflict Kitchen. It’s a restaurant in Pittsburgh that only serves food from countries the U.S. is in conflict with. “Each iteration is augmented by events, performances, and discussions that seek to expand the engagement the public has with each country.”
The restaurant’s current focus is Haudenosaunee cuisine. I was so happy to see products from The Iroquois White Corn Project being used . If you’re ever in the Rochester, NY area, do go visit the  Ganondagan  center.

 The Black Girl Dangerous podcast is back for a new season with new host Raquel Willis. This episode discusses Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police violence against people of color is the U.S. and this was before the most recent shootings. The discussion highlights the importance of what Colin and others following the example are doing. I see poor people dismiss protest like Colin’s sometimes because of his position of privilege but THAT is exactly why it’s important . Any time someone with privilege speaks out for marginalized people ,even if it risks their own security and status – I think that’s noble and notable. 

And that’s that for now, unless you count some of the links I’ve shared on the Facebook page this week. Really should get into the habit of rounding them up here.

Oh,also! Happy Bisexuality Day! I don’t have a specifically bi-pride flag but my regular rainbow pride flag hasn’t been taken down since the Orlando Pulse shooting. I love how it looks like my dried up sunflowers are holding up the flag in this pic.

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