daily link(s):food I ate recently

I think I can tell you about the decent food we ate with just links, even if I may or may not have used that exact recipe, and not having to subject ya’ll to my sad food photos. I’ll spare you the details of the chicken nugget/tater tots and other ugh dinner selections.

Pumpkin Salsa – I only made one jar because hey, it does sound a little strange. I wasn’t sure the fam would like it but that one jar is almost gone. Best thing: All ingredients came from the garden

Pumpkin Brownies– HEALTHY brownies, right?

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole– I scaled back on the dairy for this one

Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Soup– I used leftover cauliflower. Used chicken broth from the food pantry, herbs from my own garden.

Cheese Lentil,Mushroom, and Rice Bake– I’m using the Kitchn’s photo here because  mine looked almost exactly like that. How often does that happen? Made with lentils and rice from the food pantry.Everything else purchased.  I substituted  cheddar.

I also made chili over the weekend with ground turkey from the food pantry and everything else from the garden. We had tacos twice during the week – once with the ground turkey and the other with black beans.

One thought on “daily link(s):food I ate recently

  1. Pumpkin salsa sounds great! Hopefully we get enough pumpkin in the CSA share so that I can make something like this.

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