My favorite month is here! Let’s hope it likes me as much as I like it.

We’re starting October a month behind on nearly everything because of the car trouble from the past two months. I just paid September’s rent a few days ago.The money I’m making right now is so inconsistent. I made $900 just last week (which made it possible to pay rent) but the week before, I seriously only made $53.26 for the whole week. The weeks before that were similarly terrible. I would not have been able to scrape together electric bill and car insurance payment without donations here (Thank you so much to Elizabeth, Suzy, and Ellen).

So, our monthly income looks like this usually:
His paycheck: $1,600 /month
Mine: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really helpful.

And our basic expenses look like this-
Rent: $1,100
Electric: $109 for payment plan plus whatever the normal bill is (except this month it will be that PLUS $275 that was owed already)
Car Insurance: $72
Phone: $35. This always pisses me off because I never use the phone but feel like I have to keep it for emergencies and for the school to contact me. Our house is a dead zone for cell service so we have to have an actual phone.
Internet: $86. Too much. Holy shit, I feel like we pay so much for Internet. It’s the worst ever and there is no other options here. I guess at least I can deduct it as a business expense. It’s also our TV,basically. We’re a month behind and our shut off amount is $172. O.o

So that brings us to $1,437. That leaves $163 for gas,groceries, and everything else.
Usually. This month it’s that plus $275 & last month’s internet.

I am so bad at math but even I can figure out that this all spells out “Help, I’m drowning!”

And that is what my financial forecast looks like for October.

I do have at least one super good thing happening this month,though.
Our first grandbaby is due mid-October!

I’m currently deciding what I want to be called. Maybe Nana. Although, baby’s first languages will be Flemish and Spanish, not English so I guess that means I’ll either be bomma or abuela? Maybe we can combine those two for a brand new word.