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I honestly rarely pay attention to my “likes” on the Poor as Folk Facebook page but I can’t help but notice that any time I post anything related to transgender people struggling  with poverty,homelessness,housing and job discrimination  – I lose a ton of followers. “What does this have to do with anything here?” I hear it SO many times. As long as I keep hearing that question and see people turn away because of my support of transgender people, I will keep putting the information out there about why this is an issue.

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  1. I agree with you. I am not trans or black, but I recognized long ago that if people who make decisions affecting others’ lives harm any of us, they harm all of us. On top of that, I could be next. I’m not the obvious current target other than being poor, but anyone could be next.

  2. People seriously have a problem with you shedding light on others we might not know are struggling?! ALL people deserve to have safe homes, ample food and job opportunities (among other things)!

  3. you will never get away from the prejudices that some folk have , many of them cite the bible , but i cant think of a single thou shalt not that can be related to the struggles of the transgender . In fact if they cite the book they should go away and actually read it , it might enlighten them a little

  4. Hi just found you..i seriously don’t understand why you would lose followers..some people have prejudice deeply ingrained in them they just don’t see the person anymore..its a shame really and shame on them..everyone has the right to be what they want and have a home and job and food to eat..i wish folks would just see the world around them.

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