If you ever wondered what would be my breaking point, it’s having no running water. I’ve lived without it before (as I’m sure I keep mentioning) and hey, it really,really sucks. I have no clue why people want to romanticize pioneer living. No. Get out of here. It’s horrible. If I ever get to be a rich lady, I will give oodles of money to people all over the world to make sure everyone has access to clean,running water. From Flint to Fallujah and all parts around and in between. And I will crush water-stealing capitalists like Nestle like the cockroaches they are.
DROUGHT: Local dry conditions to continue through 2016
But it’s raining here! I may have water again soon.
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This rain is supposed to be a good one, lasting many days. Well, maybe that’s not all good. I’m waking up to flash flood warnings this morning. Still…RAIN IS HAPPENING.  The rent isn’t paid for October and there’s still that outrageous electric bill to pay but it’s raining. Piles of dirty laundry and dishes  don’t exactly enhance my mood on top of stupid poor people problems.