Historically, November is THE WORST MONTH EVER. Here,anyway. December is hideous ,too.
Ugh, and and this year that gross election happening. Social media will be unbearable in the days and weeks after. Ok, social media is unbearable now. I’ve been avoiding much of it, putting myself in a self-care bubble. Occasionally being oblivious is  important and wonderful. I checked in to Facebook for a minute this morning because my Aunt sent me a message and I was surprised to learn there was a very epic baseball game on last night that people were losing their minds over. I was just sitting here last night freaking out about Beyonce performing with The Dixie Chicks at the CMA awards.

Between now and next Tuesday, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for all notices of a nice community Election Day dinner somewhere close by. I feel like a good chicken and biscuit dinner with apple pie for dessert is going to help a great deal. It might not be the food as much as sitting in a community building with people  who are probably just as unsettled as I am, bracing themselves for whatever is coming but still showed up to vote because that’s what you do.

Of course I remember when a community Election Day dinner was $5/person. I wonder what the going rate is now? I’d like to be able to budget accordingly.

There’s a little leeway in my budget at the moment but only because we borrowed money from my in-laws, which will have to be repaid in the springtime. Rent for October finally was paid this past weekend, as well as November’s. Just having rent paid is huge. I had a nice payday this week ,too. But the little endeavor/project that has been bringing in the most money for me is coming to it’s end, so the only little splurge I’m going to allow is one dinner out on Election Day.

I think this month is one of those NaNo-some-other-letters-signifying-daily-blogging? I will try (as I already promised I would not just in November). I was sick all last week . I felt letter this weekend but Monday it returned/shifted. Still not 100% .Crossing fingers smallest person in the house doesn’t get it.

I suppose one sentence saying, “I’M SICK” would have worked as a blog post? With a picture of the kitten I have been snuggling for comfort.

Remind me to write about my questionable decision making recently. It involves kittens.





5 thoughts on “noooovember

  1. I tend to enjoy November while I can because the weather (if it’s ever “average” again) suits me and because I like Thanksgiving. December is one huge annoying commercial and related annoyances for me, and I’m “car free” usually, so winter is the hardest time.

    I’ve heard/read about NANOWRIMO (I think that’s it) for years but won’t attempt it. What I hear about is National Novel Writing Month, which involves writing a 50,000-word novel entirely within the month of November. That’s a first-world project for sure. Even with little to no editing, few poor people have spare time to pound out that much unpaid work.

    1. I did NaNoWriMo when it started. Or I should say, I started something and never finished it because seriously, that’s a lot in one month .

      There’ NaNoBloPo now too for blogging. Which I would do anyway and don’t get paid for anyway, so theres that LOL

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