scott walker’s sandwich of irony

Yesterday was Sandwich Day. Scott Walker was celebrating with a very basic sandwich that had no business being on social media, the land of drool worthy food porn. The Internet responded predictably and I don’t know how to feel about that because his sandwich is basic and low income.


Right? I mean, that’s a really basic sandwich that someone makes when they have nothing awesome to put on a sandwich and can’t buy “the nice bread”. At least to me, a low income lover of wonderful sandwiches packed and brimming with meat and veggies and spreads and cheese in between two slices of beautiful earthy whole grain or sourdough bread. I don’t really get to eat sandwiches like that too often lately because damn, that’s too many ingredients for one meal and I’m on a $1/meal budget.

Scott Walker is a guy who had a conversation with a grocery store clerk who told him that people on food stamps spend their money on junk food and walked away from the conversation just to create a junk food bill that would police and restrict what poor people can buy. Despite nutritionists, anti-poverty and food advocates telling him this was a bad idea, he still went ahead with it.

I’m thoroughly amused that the Internet is judging what this guy eats.

Supposedly the  “junk food bill” was coming from a place of good intentions, meant to ensure poor people eat better.The food stipulated as being eligible was only the good shit. Under that bill, people on SNAP would be making sandwiches with whole wheat/whole grain breads ,leafy greens, non-processed cheese. Yeah, they couldn’t afford to buy those things on SNAP but whatever. That was besides the point,apparently.

(No, I don’t really believe the interest was the health of the poor people but that was the argument)

Now we find out that Scott Walker eats crappy sandwiches and that’s ok because he’s not poor in Wisconsin and he can do whatever and eat whatever he wants.

Panic! At The Disco thumbs up yup yeah! yes



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