links: the voting edition

Two more days. Pre-Election anxiety is up there.


Still Buffering ‘s  latest episode is simply How To Vote. It’s really a great listen for  first time voters and covers all the things you need to know – like don’t take pics of your ballot, ask people who they’re voting for, voter ID laws,etc.

I have two first time voters in my house this year and it was a good reminder of things to mention to my offspring (even though one of them who is away at college already sent in her absentee ballot and doesn’t really have to worry about polling places and such). .

One thing that’s interesting to me though… they mentioned school being closed on Election Day. This is a thing? School is always open, all businesses are go on Election Day here. It should be a bank holiday , IMO

If you live in a swing state and would rather vote for a third party candidate, you could  trade votes with someone in a safe state, I guess. The #NeverTrump app can help hook you up.

My husbeast & son would like me to add: there’s no guarantee who you trade with with uphold that once in the voting booth  . Trust no one!

(I trust everyone mostly so it’s good to have these guys in my life)

For progressive NY voters who are struggling with their Hillary vote, The Nation suggests voting for Hillary Clinton on The Working Families Party line.

On Election Day, we wear white – To honor Suffragettes , I will wear white on Election Day.

Voter disenfranchising is still a thing that affects people who are low income,transgender,POC,disabled, and homeless. The NY Times has an Oregon Trail-style   Voter Suppression game you can play to see how fun it is to be a certain type of voter. Spoiler alert: if you play the white guy, you get to vote right away without a problem.

A 63 year old former prisoner talks about voting for the first time ever. The feels.

That’s it. Go vote Tuesday. We’ll figure things out that need sorting out on Wednesday.


One thought on “links: the voting edition

  1. I voted on the first day of early voting here in Ohio. I’m glad I did for several reasons. (1) I’m so burned out on it all that I might not vote at all if I’d waited. (2) I saw a local news story on the long lines for early voting here in Columbus. I doubt I could stand that long, and it would definitely discourage me.(3) My polling place is 7/10 mile from the nearest bus line, and it was moved about a month ago. (It makes me wonder if someone would rather we didn’t vote.) (4) The last 3 or 4 rounds of D versus R BS don’t affect me.

    “Trading” my vote would be nonsense. Not ever going to happen. I voted my conscience and that’s that.

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