I’ve had it planned for months. I knew exactly what I was going to say the day after the election. I’d congratulate Hillary supporters . Then, I would give them a short list of the work that needs to be done sooner than later. Please ask Hillary to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and  to stop supporting fracking. Tell President Clinton to truly fight for a living wage for workers.  Make it clear that we are tired of being a country that values bombs over food.

I sit here stunned. I have a terrified six year old who thinks his friend is going to have to get out of the country, even though she’s completely a citizen here.I delayed waking him up this morning because I didn’t know what to say. I told him that all this means is that we have to love each other more and protect people who need protecting.
I have daughters. Not only that, I have LGBTQ daughters. Will every anti-discrimination step forward be undone now? Do I make an appointment right now to get my fifteen year old a long term IUD now before our health care and choices get axed? I’m afraid for everyone who isn’t white,straight,cis gendered,Christian,neurotypical, and ablebodied. I’m also afraid for everyone who is low income but that’s amplified this morning.

We can’t move to Canada, even if Canada wanted us. I saw a Trump voter gloating, “If you don’t like it, leave!”
NO. YOU leave. You’re the problem. Your white supremacist ,patriarchal beliefs are the problem. Both overt and subtle,they’re both to blame.

I’m not going anywhere, even if I was financially able to. Last night I advised people to stop mourning and just organize. This morning I feel like I need a day or two to mourn and center myself but let’s not wallow and despair. Let’s not spend ages analyzing what went wrong and how this could have happened. Let’s not blame anyone but those who filled in that bubble next tot he Trump/Pence ticket.
It’s happened. Let’s get on with this fight.   Election results are telling us things we need to pay attention to. Obvious things that have been staring us in the face all along. Acknowledge it. That’s a good step forward.

This morning, I’m doing self care. I’m rage cleaning. I’m catching up on The Voice where the voting outcomes won’t ever be terrifying. I’m cuddling kittens and drinking good coffee. I’m knitting baby washcloths. I’m reading Agatha Christie.

Give me a day or two to hang out in my fluffy slippers then I’ll lace my combat boots back up.