This is an open google doc full of resources to help people get their business in order before Trump moves into The White House.

The “Oh Shit! What Should I Do Before January?” Guide

I’m going to be really clear here : If you’re one of the people telling everyone to “calm down, everything is going to be ok”, you are probably in a good place in your life that you don’t need to worry about a lot of things that others do. Others are probably going to lose healthcare, path to citizenship, access to birth control & reproductive healthcare, and  ability to have an ID that reflects their accurate gender. Access for low income people  and people of color, LGBT, and disabled folks to assistance,food,housing,and education is going to be even harder with Republicans in control. You need to let people be worried about their futures because telling people that everything is going to be ok when it probably won’t be only encourages people to be complacent. No one should be complacent right now.