podcast: Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

Here’s the thing about being poor: it isn’t that you’re “bad with money”. It’s that you don’t have money. But the longer you’re poor , the weirder you get when you do have money, even if you’re “good with money”usually. Money decisions are hard. Then when you add the way you were raised into the mix, whether you were raised poor or rich or middle class or whatever…. that all effects how you are with money. There’s emotions and psychological stuff all wrapped up in there. Toss in class anxieties,marginalization,dealing with stigmas, assigning capatalistic values to self worth,not being educated about money and financial stuff….ugh. Money is huge and we don’t talk enough about how and why it is and what it does to our lives. Not openly,anyway.

So, here’s Gaby Dunn with a podcast that talks about all of these things and then some.
Is this podcast going to help you to not have money problems? Hell,no. For me, it’s helping  to gain insight into how I deal with my shitty economic existence and it’s always comforting to hear others talk about money issues you can relate to.

Some podcasts you can just pick up with the most current episode and be good but this one, go back to episode 1 and listen from the very beginning. Gaby’s personal background is essential and it’s one of those podcasts you get an evolved personal story with each episode.

Link→ Bad with Money

One thought on “podcast: Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn

  1. I definitely will be listening to these! I was raised rich, never learned about money – it was taboo to talk about – and now live way below the poverty line. I’m curious as to how others deal with money and all it’s emotional entanglements!

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