News and action, 12/14/16

Image may contain: textThe Trump cabinet picks keep on coming and continue to be a horror show. Could be tragicomedy. You can’t write satire like this.

Each cabinet appointment represents the exact opposite of what that department should be working towards. Rolling Stone has a good breakdown of each cabinet pick and why they’re no bueno  , as does Autostraddle with this list ranked by the terror they inspire .

No, Kanye isn’t a cabinet pick. There is no Department of Mental Health but if there was, at least it would make sense to put someone in charge of it who has experience with mental illness.

But let’s not get distracted by Kanye, please.This isn’t what we need to focus on. We need to pay attention to the fact that the President-Elect has proclaimed himself to be “like a smart person” and refuses to accept briefings from our own country’s intelligence. He’d rather rely on Alex Jones for his info and challenges any CIA report on Russia’s role in the election. 
Right now some faithless electors are threatening to go rogue and not vote for Trump and others have asked for a full briefing of Russian interference in the election. It’s also being reported that Trump and Co is threatening electors with “political reprisal” if they don’t vote for him. 

Action via 2 Hours a Week: Urge the Electors to Not Elect Donald Trump


1. GO to to find the email, phone number and social media contact for all red state electors. If you are from one of these red states, start there.

2. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET & FACEBOOK message them. Use this great list of electors with notes on their backgrounds and responses as a guide. Contact them by as many means possible.

3. PROTEST at your state capital on December 19th. Go here for more info.


Script (we encourage you to personalize and expand on issues you care about) :


My name is _________, and I’m a constituent from ______. I’m calling/writing to urge you to exercise your right to not vote for Donald Trump in the Electoral College. It may seem presumptive of me to ask you how to fulfill your electoral duty, but please consider two important factors before casting your vote. American intelligence agencies, have confirmed that Russia interfered in the US election with the goal of electing Donald Trump, and this act alone has de-legitimized the validity of his election.

Secondly, The Democratic candidate won the popular vote by 2.84 million votes. That is a win margin larger than 11 previously elected presidents. Clinton is the clear choice of the people who voted on November 8th, and it is your duty as an elector to honor the choice of the people.

(For states that don’t bind their electors, add: You currently represent a state that doesn’t bind an elector, and I’m urging you to take advantage of that fact.).



I should add here that I’m on the fence about this action. I just think we need to be prepared for the immediate and long term fallout if the electors don’t elect Trump.

But not having 4 whole years of whatever this mess is would be a nice way to go into 2017.

Also, continue calling your own reps to challenge the cabinet appointments.



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