Basically, an update


Boring Cold House Stuff

Started pulling some of that wood we had cut and split into the house, even though I didn’t think it would be seasoned. Measured moisture content and it’s all dry enough. Hallelujah. 15-18%. That wood I bought from that guy? Even after being inside out of the weather for a good two weeks and stacked fairly close to the wood stove, it’s still measuring 45% moisture. Uh, hey. That ain’t seasoned in no way, dude.

But anyway… with the drier wood, I’ve managed to keep the house pretty cozy. But that’s before it got windy. Tomorrow’s forecast says wind gusts up to 40 mph so we’ll see how warm it is in here then.

Also,we seriously stacked wood along certain walls that were very drafty to basically insulate the house.It seemed weird at first but I like the way it looks (it’s assuring,maybe?) plus it really actually does cut down on the drafts.
I saw a home decorating tip the other day that suggested to give your home the cozy cabin feel, stack wood in a corner, even if you don’t burn wood!
My house must be really damn cute right now.


I’m in a food rut right now. The same really basic ingredients everyday and some of it pretty low quality, tbh. I’m still committing acts of Pantry Anarchy but it’s been hard for me to feel enthusiastic about documenting them, even though I know they belong in the cookbook I’m working on. I feel bad about now having more food ideas here on the blog lately. It’s hard when I’m feeling meh about it. I made this thing the other night with a bottle of Caesar salad dressing I don’t remember buying so it must have come from the food pantry, fish, carrots, cabbage, and rice. I had no idea what I was making and at that moment, didn’t even care but it turned out awesome. I love when that happens.

Also, my one daughter got a job as a dishwasher at a nice restaurant, just a couple days a week (she’s only 15). They treat her so well there and I’m grateful. They pay her above minimum wage,too. The other huge perk is that they feed her and send food home. It’s never anything on the menu, just something the chef throws together. I usually have no idea what I’m eating but it’s always delicious.

In comparison, my older daughter took a semester off from college and is working at a fast food place. Minimum wage and she gets a daily allowance of one free cup of coffee and *a food item they are known for*. Which is better than nothing, I realize. It’s just a totally different work environment than her younger sister. At least when she goes back to school in January, they say they’ll be flexible with her hours so she can work around her class schedule.


Paid the rent today. Nothing else paid,really. My in-laws sent a check for us specifically to use for Christmas and husbeast really wants to honor that but I like the idea of electricity and groceries better. We shall see.

The week after Christmas, I’m planning on launching a new online shop that will basically consolidate the three different online shops I have. Yes, I said the week after Christmas. Because my business degree tells me this is a terrible idea but my strong sense of breaking all the rules tells me to do it anyway. I’ll have updates about that on the biz blog here.

Also, funny story… I was out of my favorite Avon moisturizer but didn’t have an Avon rep anymore. This is also a #GrabYourWallet kind of story. I used the search feature on the Avon website to find a representative near me. There are none in my immediate area, they’re all 30-40 minutes away. I know I can order online from any rep but I really like the in-person experience and being able to look at the actual paper catalog. I have reasons. I was raised by an Avon Lady. Lots of nostalgia there for me.

Anyway, I looked all these Avon reps up on Facebook before committing to ordering. I found them all to be quite conservative, openly Trump supporters or displaying messages that go against my own ethics and personal being. No, as a bi-woman with LGBTQ offspring , I’m not giving you my money if you think my family are “sinners”.

Long story short: I sell Avon now. I have a Facebook page for just that: The Quirky Avon Lady.  (link to my Avon site is there) My intention w/ the page isn’t just to be a spam feed. I want to put inspirational stuff, body positive messages, beauty stuff,etc there,too.


As always, thanks to all my Patreon supporters this month, as well as anyone else who donated. I bought my daughter a winter coat (originally $19.99 at Thrifty Shopper but I had reward point so it was only $16. Woohoo!) , helped another daughter pay her student loan bill, bought some groceries, AND finally got ink & paper for the printer. Print zines forthcoming in January. YES.





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