This week at the food pantry

Mood: frustrated yet still grateful and motivated to commit creative acts of pantry anarchy.

The highlight of this week’s visit to the food pantry was definitely the 14 lb turkey. I should be able to make that stretch a bit after the holidays.
Other than that, it was weirdly unholiday like. No typical holiday dinner trimmings, although we did bring home an apple pie. Our food pantry doesn’t do cookie or baked goods usually and if they do, they don’t have enough for everyone so you roll a die when you come in and if you roll whatever number they pick that day, you get to choose one thing. The last time we rolled and won was on husbeast’s birthday last January and yay, they had a whole cake!

There was also just pears and carrots for produce. Oh, and a melon! My boys enjoyed that.
I have my vegetarian daughter home from college for the holidays so I was disappointed but we’ll figure it out.

I think I might make a spiced pear and carrot cake for our Yule dessert tonight.

The food pantry was also really slim on other protein picks this week , I’m guessing because they had whole turkeys. We brought home some ground turkey,too (had last night as meatballs with penne) and canned beans. No dry beans,even. We did get shredded cheese, which they never have, and a thing of cottage cheese. Lots of canned fruit and pasta,though.

Anyway, please don’t listen to the GOP when they say that people who have their food stamps cut will be fine because food pantries will take care of hungry people. That isn’t going to work. The end.





2 thoughts on “This week at the food pantry

  1. Unrelated,
    But because I know you’ll understand and unfortunately I have no one in real life to discuss this with……
    I’m about to make an appointment at the DENTIST!! Well it is 4 am so I’ll need to wait a few more hours.(ha!)
    God, just the idea of MAKING the appointment makes me want to barf. May the force be with me! It’s been years!
    Thanks so much for keeping this space on the Internet.
    Anon in Massachusetts

  2. Girlfriend, just found you! Glad I did. I know a bit about food pantries ’cause I am a long time volunteer. I expect the pickins to be slimmer next year as inflation rears its ugly head. Our pantry serves more families EVERY month! As food gets more expensive, people will have less to donate, more people will need food. Vicious cycle. The majority did not rule this time, but the majority CAN make a difference. God bless us, everyone.

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