Well, guess I’ll talk about something other than politics today

I have nothing personally exciting to talk about,honestly.

I’m spending my day gathering all my financial crap because husbeast’s employer finally gave him his W2s and we can go get our taxes done now. Taxmas can not come soon enough. We need to catch up on rent and electric, fix the car (and consider getting a different vehicle), get me some new glasses and to the dentist,restock the pantry, pay back people we borrowed money from, take the kitties to the vet. Kids need new shoes and dentist appointments,too. My one kid will not stop growing and needs almost an entire new wardrobe. It’s like he’s a normal kid going through puberty or something. I also need a new coffee grinder and some ridiculously basic things I haven’t had money for, like a new broom that doesn’t shed all over the place and lightbulbs and a new spatula to replace the one I melted. Also, all my underwear are literally falling apart.

(Sorry. Honestly  trumps TMI here)

I’m also on a mission to find a new doctor now before …you know (that ACA thing). My ADHD has become epic and debilitating on some days. My current doc doesn’t seem to real understand ADD/ADHD and is hell bent on treating me for everything BUT ADHD as if the “ADHD”  is just symptoms of something else. It isn’t something else. It’s ADHD and I need to be medicated for that and not something else. I’ve lived with this my whole life and taught myself a lot of techniques for coping without medication but those just are not working as well as they used to.

I have so much on my plate and stressors plus the urgent political issues. I could pull all of this off so much easier if properly treated for my damn neurological disorder.

See? Nothing good to talk about today.


5 thoughts on “Well, guess I’ll talk about something other than politics today

  1. Their is a Homeopathic remedy that has worked very well for my Husband it comes in drops. If you are interested send me an e-mail!

  2. My list looks a lot like yours! Spoke with my landlord about getting caught up and avoiding court…..at least they’re willing. And the same with dentist, people I owe, cats to the vet AND underwear!!! Gonna’ treat the kiddo too…who happens to be someone I owe money too. Trumphole is probably coming for the EIC…..who knows what the future holds. Best of luck to you and your family.
    Anon in mass

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