Action to-dos

Some persistence & resistance to-dos plus just plain good inspiration for activism and involvement.

Get Inspired

Listen to Interviews for Resistance with Sarah Jaffe.

My favorite Mayor Svante Myrick writes about we need younger people to step up to leadership roles in government and how the Young People For program and the Young Elected Officials Network is empowering and mentoring millennials to lead the future.
(send those links to your favorite millennial)

In case you feel like everything is pointless & there’s no hope in even trying anymore, Orange Resistance has a list of things that show the resistance is working.

 emphasizes in recent tweets this point that all these acts of opposition ARE having an impact. “I’ve spent my entire career in politics. I’ve never seen this level of engagement in my life. If I’m astounded by it, the GOP is terrified …Each call we make, each protest that we participate in, each act of resistance we demonstrate, means we push the GOP down a little further….

Seattle and Davis,CA have both pulled more than $3M from Wells Fargo to show solidarity w/ the #NoDAPL divestment movement. We need more of this.

All the Things You Can DO Right Now

Hey, maybe run for office?  Here are a bunch of organizations that help support that:

 Emily’s List – supports Democratic, pro-choice women candidates
She Should Run – supports women who want to run for office at all levels
Run For Something– encouraging young progressives to run for office

or if you have a skill that progressive candidates can use while campaigning, there’s

Ok, the next cabinet confirmations happening are Price, Pruitt, and Mnuchin. It’s obvious that all of these picks are going to go through and be confirmed so many are asking if it’s worth the time even bothering to call their Senators to ask them to oppose them. It’s a fair question and I don’t know that my answer is right here but my thoughts are yes, DO call your Senators and ask them to vote no. A show of open defiance to these cabinet choices is always going to feel more empowering that doing nothing at all.
If you’re reps have already stated that they will vote no, call them to say thanks.

The one cabinet pick I would love to encourage massive opposition to is Puzder for Labor Secretary. I’ll put together an individual post on that this weekend.

Also, on the phone calling front, there’s an app that some of you might find helpful. 5 Calls
It locates your local reps numbers (and I assume calls them for you…I don’t have a cell phone).  I use the app on my ipod to act as reminders of pressing issues with scripts to use.

Another app I just installed is Countable  . This tracks bills that are introduced and gives a very concise overview of them. It will also send emails to your reps on your behalf. I love this app because it saves me so much time I would otherwise spend sifting through the bills introduced and trying to sometimes untangle all the wording to get to the point of what the bills exactly is meant to accomplish. Bills are categorized into areas of concern (environment, abortion, civil rights, EPA,etc) which is incredibly helpful for those of us trying to streamline our activism to a few key issues. The app also very clearly shows the bill’s sponsor(s) which is very important. Most of these bills introduced have a small chance of being passed but it’s important to track the bills and who introduces them so we can vote them out or show them support as needed.

One more thing…

On Feb 11th, anti-choice groups are planning nation wide protests outside of Planned Parenthood clinics. Planned Parenthood is asking their supporters to NOT plan counter protests at their locations. The clinics will be open that day and still trying to meet the needs of clients so the last thing they need is more people adding to the chaos. There are rallies planned to show support for Planned Parenthood away from clinic sites so if one of those is in your area, by all means show up for that.

And on that note, I leave you with this tweet from my friend Kelly at DeBie Hive :

Well, that and a song of the day. It’s a celebratory  doomsday song .Sorry.Unless you’re a certain type of prepper then I bet you’ll like it a lot.

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