I’m so, so tired this week. Winter is wearing on me. Maybe I’m coming down with something. Everything is exhausting and frustrating.
I’ve had technical difficulties getting inventory into my new online shop that I just had no patience to deal with this week, and then felt terrible that I wasn’t working harder on it. The emotional labor required for political activism these days is taxing on it’s own but this week it has felt especially overwhelming.

I need a nap and probably a few hours just to do nothing but watch videos of baby goats in pajamas or a couple episode of Drunk History.

The one bit of good news today was that Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from consideration. This was one cabinet pick I had intended to fight hard against and had a post ready for tomorrow making that case with actions to take. This saves me the trouble. He was one nominee who had a good chance of not being confirmed, thanks to a pile of allegations that even Republicans couldn’t get behind. We may even have to thank Oprah a bit for this.

One of the reasons given for withdrawing was that he was “tired of the abuse”. Classic abuser and oppressor trying to claim the role of victim.

Earlier this week I was thinking that putting a lot of effort into challenging these nominations might be a waste of time and energy and the best thing to do would be to strategize how to deal with them once confirmed to the administration. At the same time, it would never feel right to not stage a very vocal opposition ,regardless of knowing how it would ultimately play out. The protests and vocal criticism against Puzder played a huge part in his decision today. It can’t ever hurt to organize and oppose anything this administration does, whether it’s cabinet nominees or executive orders. We definitely need to do both of these things – fierce resistance while planning for worst outcomes.

Here’s my song of the day

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