two weeks worth of things

Marceline loves the wood pile


We survived Stella. Yesterday morning our snow total was 25 inches but it snowed the entire day so I don’t know what we ended up with. IMG_1238School was closed for two days with a two hour delay today.
My 11 year old has been sick the entire week with a horrible cough & cold, including during the Snow Days. Between the Snow Days & a sick kiddo, I’ve gotten zero work done this week and now I think the kiddo has generously shared his germs with me and I’m coming down with it.

The snow storm was also an economical bummer for my daughter who is home from college this week on break. She had lined up a babysitting job while she was home and ended up never working because  of the weather. She’s moving into a shared house off campus so she was looking forward to having the extra cash.


food stuff

A woman hit a deer in front of our house. Law enforcement let us keep it and salvage what we could. There wasn’t a lot that could be rescued but we have at least the front quarters in our freezer now.

I had to take a turkey out of the freezer to make room for the venison, so we had a nice turkey dinner and subsequent leftovers this week.

Last week, my husbeast picked up a roast beef , which I cooked at the beginning of the week  in the crockpot and stretched into several meals throughout. I’ve probably mentioned before that meat is not my favorite and I could do without but this worked out well without me feeling like I never want to eat beef again. The key for me is definitely to put it in  dishes without making it the dominant thing.

The last food pantry also had a lot to offer, including the biggest cabbage I’ve ever seen.  I’m aiming to get at least 4 meals out of it. Will update.

I had one day last week where I was feeling under the weather. The husbeast picked up soup for me at a local restaurant – sweet potato curry. He was sure I would love it because it certainly sounds like something I would like but alas, it was not my favorite. It had great flavor but it was just too much as a soup. The next day I threw it in the crockpot with chicken we had gotten from the food pantry and it was sooo good.

I found this pic of the soup and raw chicken on my ipod .IMG_0225 I’m pretty sure I had intended to show the after pic of the cooked chicken over rice. ADHD fail right there.

I have several soups in the freezer that we have gotten from the food pantry over the past few months that we didn’t like. There’s one tomato soup that was like eating chunky pasta sauce. I’ll do a re-do with that.

On a splurgy note, last week was my birthday. We went out to dinner, just the man and me. Que milagro. We went to a pricey local joint but you know, even when I’m basking in the glow of Taxmas, I can’t let myself not be thrifty. We went on a night that they have a special 3 course meal that’s basically the cost of one entree usually. Appetizer,entree,dessert. The food was divine, as was the quiet,uninterrupted dinner.

taxmas expenditures

Things we spent money on during the past 2 weeks:

  • fixing the car – $1500
  • rental while car was in the shop- $260 (uhaul pick-up)
  • spayed one cat, neutered another. Plus vaccinations.-$380
  • firewood-$150

I still need new glasses & I’d like to get started on some of my dental work.

this week’s simple pleasure

Library books. Always central in my life but this week especially, a pile of books was a source of great comfort ,both for intellectual and entertainment value.


song of the day: “Bambi” by Jidenna
I loved this song since the 1st time I heard it a bit ago and this week I’ve found myself humming it to myself.


3 thoughts on “two weeks worth of things

      1. I’m 43. Haven’t been for 12 years!
        There was shaking hands, tears,could not take a deep breath and I sort of dry heaved at the end(resembled some sort of cat gak) Oh and of course I said “I wish I’d come in sooner”. Not sure what’s gonna come of this but I know I need one immediate(sort of) extraction and have to work things out with masshealth(Medicaid). Trying to save what’s left of my teeth and the wanting to kill someone when I bite down the wrong way!
        I knew you’d get it and thank you for the safe space to say it!

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