Actually, a Monday morning reminder.
This is so fitting,considering how behind I feel today. I got hit with food poisoning and then some annoying staph infection. I am so far behind on everything. Usually I have my act together in at least one aspect of life but no, everything is a mess. Even my six year old who is oblivious to chaos commented this morning on the state of the house and the general messiness of life.

Last Monday, I posted this picture on Instagram of my weekly spread in my bullet journal (my journal is real a combo art/bullet/regular journal but whatever). It’s upside down. The journal itself is right side up but when I made the spread I didn’t realize I had it upside down. Ugh.17499340_10158358296755487_2709874769297363086_n
I commented that I hoped it wasn’t an indication of how my week was going to go. It was.

This Monday? I can’t find my journal anywhere. I feel like part of my brain is missing. My journal has become THE most important tool in managing my ADHD and life.

I think I’m going to take this week to get my collective shit together and hopefully I’ll find all the pieces of my brain while doing it.

Here’s my song of the day, “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time” by The Smiths. I’m feeling way nostalgic for my 80s music today. Maybe it has something to do with watching Stranger Things with my 12 year old this weekend. He has been begging to watch horror movies. Stranger Things was my compromise.