Podcasts to get you through Trump times

ADHD Coping Tip: Use podcasts to help you focus on tasks. A 40 minute episode=40 minutes of work.  Trump-related Anxiety Coping Tip: When listening to political podcasts, make that task something active to work your aggression out. Gardening is a fantastic option.

The news moves so fast right now and there is so much of it. Worse, some of the news that disappears off the radar quickly is important pieces that are being overlooked. Mainstream news cycle is often focusing on pieces that don’t really matter…or maybe they do but not in a big picture kind of way.  For myself, I’ve been surprised during these past 100 days of how ignorant I feel. I consider myself well informed on current events, politics,history, and civics/government but so far this administration has me scrambling to learn or relearn as the case may be. I mean, some of this stuff about how government works I learned 20 or more years ago in high school. It’s dusty. In my family, I’m the person who everyone goes to to get the explanation of what’s going on in and there’s been times lately where I’ve been at a loss or I’m not sure my information is correct.And this is a huge problem because you can’t properly be an activist working without all the information.

There are several podcasts I’m listening to right now that offer good info and deeper looks at bigger issues, more than an headline or a cable news blurb will get you. While a lot of podcasts I listen to also have seen reason to touch on current politics, I didn’t include those here because politics isn’t the central focus although I’m sure in future posts I’ll share specific episodes. Besides keeping me up to date with current happenings, I’ve bee really appreciating when podcasters take the time to delve into the background of topics (North Korea, Syria, for example) to help me get a refresher course and better understanding of it’s place in current events right now.

If you’re listening to a good podcast right now you’re using to help you keep up with politics that isn’t here, by all means please recommend it! I used to listen to more but scaled back a bit. I also think I impulsively unsubscribed to a few because they probably said something minor to piss me off and I was in a mood at the time. There were a few that were still very focused on “If Hillary had won….” or really still stuck on the election. It’s good to examine what happened and why during this past election (if for no other reason than to figure out how to get Democrats into office and be effective leaders) but this can’t be THE thing to focus on.

Up First : NPR – a daily look at the headlines. This one is only 13 minutes long so it’s enough to get the key headlines in the morning.

Trumpcast –   Slate’s podcast dedicated to resistance in the Trump era. Always informative and hey, they even have a book club happening (although I didn’t finish The Confidence Man because my ebook loan from the library expired before I was finished)

Breakdances With Wolves Podcast  Indigenous centered and valuable conversations about issues white people like me need to take in and learn from

The 45th Podcast  Hosted by Rabia Chaudry (from Serial, among other things) with her cohost from Undisclosed Susan Simpson , and Sarah Basha.  I am gathering that a large reason some don’t like this podcast is because Sarah has Conservative views. Yeah, I mean I don’t agree with her sometimes but it doesn’t keep me from listening.  She still has a valuable voice here and understands policy. I was raised by Republicans and married one (reformed now, thank the gods) so my tolerance level might be different than others who aren’t used to hearing the other side though.

Politically Re-Active Podcast – W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu– my favorite and most reflective of my own views. Always stellar guests.

Pod Save the World 
Pod Save America 
“No-bullshit conversations” about politics and foreign policy. Hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor.

Political Podcast, The Takeout – it’s a CBS podcast so I know some people will be thinking, “Oh, ugh…mainstream news!” but ya’ll, Major Garrett is great and I love him. So there.




2 thoughts on “Podcasts to get you through Trump times

  1. Thanks for the podcast suggestions. I’m glad to see the conservative recommendation. I truly want to try to understand how conservatives see the world. But I have found it almost impossible to tolerate the ignorance in mainstream conservative media. I’m a huge fan of Undisclosed, so maybe I’ll be able to tolerate The 45th.

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