the diabetes situation

I lay in bed this morning listening to my husband get ready for work. I heard him take a pill bottle down from the top of the fridge, open the cap. The pills skitter down the plastic amber cylinder.  He pops the top back on, replaces the bottle to it’s home. The process repeats three more times. Then a few seconds later I hear the beep of his glucose meter reading off his morning number. He walks in to where I’m sleep-waking, leans down and whispers, “190”.  Not surprising after goulash dinner the night before but not as bad as it has been some days.

He came home from another diabetic counseling session about two weeks ago. He hands me various papers that he was specifically told to give to his wife when he gets home, like he’s a child who needs to hand over papers to Mommy when he gets home from school. Would they do that to me if I was the diabetic? Take these home to your husband. Highly unlikely.
“No more pasta at all”, he says. He says other things about food that I couldn’t even hear right then. I flipped out and threw the papers everywhere, yelling, “Are they going to pay our grocery bill now so that can happen?” If  only I could swipe our insurance card at the register.

Later I picked all the papers up and tossed them into the woodstove, feeding them to the fire. I know what they all say anyway. Knowing what they say and making it happen on the Cheap Carb Grocery Budget are two incompatible things that aren’t going to get married anytime soon.




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7 thoughts on “the diabetes situation

  1. diabetes is awful. those docs who told the husbeast to give you his paperwork are possibly more awful. love ya, lady 💜

  2. I’m so sorry this is happening. Like you say, if you were diabetic, would he be handed the diet and nutrition paperwork? 😡

  3. Yeah, my grocery bill is much larger
    now, and even higher with another mouth to feed. But diabetes makes cheap living much harder, even if it is healthier. The numbers can really make you howl at the sky too with their little dances and counterintuitive changes.

  4. Ugh, I’m sorry you guys have to deal with all this…tho’ not the same but with some similarities I guess….my daughter has a nut allergy and we are poor ass folk too. Just the two of us. She’s never been able to partake in the free lunch she is eligible for, no “free” food at parties and such. Fucking hard to feed yourself when poor and add on a health issue…well

  5. i hear that. I’m also DM2 and it is really really expensive to eat the way I’m “supposed to,” low carb, with lots of meat, etc., plus I’ve found that my body doesn’t react well to a low carb diet, in that I get the constipation from hell. ugh. I can’t afford to eat the way I’m “supposed” to so I assume that eventually the DM2 will kill me. ah well. something will eventually kill me, might as well be this.

  6. much the same in the UK , other half was diagnosed at xmas ,told he must lose 10st here is your diet sheets ,hes disabled and struggles to walk , its all salmon steak and bleedin seafood, things we just cant afford , nearest we get is fish fingers but im supposed to peel off the coating ? that and his fruit requirement daily this time of year would cost more than my daily budget for 4 adults and a child !! It will get easier once we get to the garden veg season but this time of year it cant be afforded every day

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