Meal planning for this week

I’m trying to make sure we have rent by the end of the week so I was crossing my fingers to be able to do decent meal planning with what the food pantry offered yesterday. No such luck,honestly. Two cabbages and a bag of carrots were the only produce they had. I came away with lots of canned fruit, as much bread as I could take, ground turkey, hot dogs,turkey burger, rice, and some stale “spicy cheese flavored” taco shells. I’m sure I’ll manage some hellacious acts of pantry anarchy with some of it but it’s still disappointing. I think rent will be a little late. We need some grocery basics and gas for the car.
Yeah, that plan of mine to keep money in savings for groceries has not gone well.

On a more uplifting note, there’s a cute little garden happening behind the community center the food pantry is held at. I see rhubarb, oregano, some other herbs.
I have no idea who manages this garden or what it’s used for. My understanding is that once upon a time there was a large garden that served the food pantry but it was at someone’s house and that person has since sold the house and moved out of the area. If I felt like we had any secure permanency in this house, I’d organize a replacement garden on the acres here.



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2 thoughts on “Meal planning for this week

  1. Crockpot cabbage rolls! Lots of good recipes on google that you can adapt to what you have – turkey burger instead of ground beef, chop the carrots fine and saute with some of the cabbage chopped up. cook up some rice. Flavor it all with whatever you have available. Do you have any canned tomato soup or sauce, or salsa? That’s something our pantry hands out a ton of. How about onions? I like to add cinnamon and nutmeg to the filling – not a lot, just to make it interesting.
    If you make a batch of the filling you can make a casserole with the toasted stale bread layered with the filling and topped with whatever sauce you can improvise with.
    You can also make a “Lazy Man’s Tortilla” casserole with the taco chips and the filling.

    My pantry was pretty grim last month (very similar to yours) but I actually enjoyed the cabbage rolls, and the casseroles were edible and not punishment food. I am kucky, though, since I am over 60 so I’m eligible for the USDA extras box which includes shelf stable milk and a thing of Pasteurized processed Cheese (ish) food. Good luck!

  2. I volunteer at a foodbank in the UK. Despite being in a generally wealthy area, there are still pockets of poverty and considerable need. We’re organised locally under the overall umbrella of a national charity, and give out a standard list of non-perishables (tins & packets) together with basic toiletries and sanitary items – a fairly generous allocation for three days. What I’ve noticed, reading about foodbanks in the USA, is how varied is the quality/quantity of what’s given. Some seems very poor, some good, but no overall consistency of approach.

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