Fat as shit

I was standing outside when the school bus pulled up. My son starts to get off the bus and I can hear another kid yell something at him. “What’d that kid say?”
“Oh, that was Jimmy John. He said,’Wow, your Mom is fat as shit!’ . I told him he’s dumber than shit,so …”.

It was my parental duty to reply with something about how you can’t ever change someone’s mind by insulting them back and things he could say instead but I was thinking how ridiculous it is that I have to teach my kid how to teach other kids how to act right.

We also might have touched on how “fat as shit” doesn’t even make sense. Shit isn’t really…fat, you know?

This Jimmy John kid is a little 6th grade cretin who talks about grabbing girls by the pussy and actually tries to do just that. By my own kid’s assessment, Jimmy John is also “super racist” but declines to explain what led him to this opinion because he’s rather not repeat things that were said. So, the fact that he called me fat is just one of a lot of  problems with this little darling. My sympathies go out to educators dealing with this boy. It’s hard to discipline & guide a kid who is obviously just trying to be a future president and picking up the cues from the patriarchal power system.

And anyway, the problem isn’t that he called me fat. I am fat right now.
The problem is that he says it as if it’s the worse thing I could be, that somehow me being fat means I am inherently a terrible person. Little J.J. is being taught that calling someone fat is the ultimate insult while fully representing male dominated white supremacist values as that’s not the most toxic aspect of our society right now. Fuck yeah ‘murica,  am I right?

OK, enough about that little jerk…

I’m fat right now because of this awful poverty diet I’ve been living on along with a back injury that happened over the winter. The back pain led to not moving which led to more weight gain. The extra weight isn’t what’s bothered me. It’s the crappy food and pain that’s really put a damper on my mood. If my back didn’t hurt and I was eating better, I would be over the moon with delight about that, even if it never led to me losing all the weight I’ve put on. I don’t feel like I have to not be fat to be good with life. I feel like having access to decent food and medical care ranks a bit higher than being a size 6 again, to be honest.

By medical care, I’m not just referring to access and affordability but also the ability to find a provider who isn’t going to automatically prescribe “LOSE WEIGHT” to cure a fat person of their ailments while completely ignoring the actual cause of their concern or “YOU NEED TO EAT HEALTHY” to a poor person, completely ignoring their inability to afford a lot of healthy food.

I ask for too much,eh?

(Also, just because I have volunteered here the reasons why I am personally fat does not mean anyone ever has to defend why they are fat or give “valid” reasons to back it up to gain acceptance from anyone criticizing their weight)








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