life happenings- july 1oth

The Good Things

::  My garden is growing splendidly. I have a beautiful patch of sweet corn, about 50 tomato plants going strong,an abundance of herbs, and assorted other veggies. My husband slapped together a little roadside stand for me using pallets so I can sell my overflow.

I let milkweed grow at the end of the garden and now we’re hosting monarch caterpillars. The dill has been a cafe for the swallowtail caterpillars. In the spring I had build a little rock wall in the center of the garden which is now home to at least 3 garter snakes who are helping keep the slug population down.

:: My husband borrowed from his 401K (which I didn’t even really know he had) so we could pay rent and basically be one or two paychecks ahead of everything. This is a good/bad thing because now he’ll be repaying it from future paychecks (although it’s only $12/week so not too horrible).It’s not a lot of money but it’s giving us a tiny cushion so that we don’t have too much month left at the end of our money.

:: We took the kids to see April the Giraffe and her baby (and the dude giraffe Oliver who is April’s ‘partner”, as the zoo put it). I hate zoos/animal parks but the kids enjoyed it and it was a short road trip just an hour from our house.


The Bad Shit

:: There’s something wrong with the car and it sounds expensive.

:: This weekend my husband got his license suspended for an outstanding ticket that he was positive he paid. The court date he was given isn’t until August but hopefully he can get it taken care of before that out of court. We went over 10 years without a car so we can do this but it’s a giant pain in the ass, especially now living out in the country. There’s no bus here on Sundays and my husband ALWAYS works on Sunday. Yesterday he got a ride in with a co-worker but at the end of his shift, he found that the co-worker had left without him so he had to hitchhike. Work is 12 miles from our house. At least a nice stranger picked him up so he only had to walk part way. There’s also no bus after 7p.m. Two of our older “kids”  living at home for the summer are working nights (together at the same restaurant). Hubby has been their ride home. Their manager has given them a ride home twice now but that’s not always going to work and a taxi to our house is about $30. We JUST got Uber and Lyft here (literally just last week) but it doesn’t sound like it’s any less expensive.
So,yeah…giant pain in the ass. Hoping we can get this resolved sooner than later.




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4 thoughts on “life happenings- july 1oth

  1. I empathize with not having a car. I have done without one of those since the end of 2014, but I was in a small town until I could move to a city. It’s much easier here, but still a huge time consumer and a nuisance otherwise. I hope that license thing untangles soon.

  2. Hi Jupiter,

    Did you know that leopard slugs eat red slugs? Leopard Slugs are a gardener’s friend. They don’t damage healthy, living plants, but they do eat other slugs, including species that can damage garden plants and vegetables. By eating dead and rotting plants, as well as fungi, Leopard Slugs recycle nutrients and fertilize the soil.

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