This week our power was turned off. After going to the office and getting it sorted out, it took them over another 24 hours to turn it back on. While at the office, a woman looked at our finances and said according to her calculations, we have negative $320 in our monthly budget. Exactly,lady. And that’s if nothing goes wrong.

Everything in this damn house is electric and the house is dark like a cave without lights. Every simple task became ridiculously complicated. I cooked on an open fire outside. It took forever just to make a cup of coffee and oatmeal. I had to use wood we need for keeping warm this winter so I decided to abandon outdoor cooking. It turns out I don’t have a lot of things that are ready-to-eat on hand. PB & J was about it.

I did not enjoy the quiet of a house without the hum of electric. The silent refrigerator and freezer reminded me that I was losing food. No dings of notifications from my laptop meant I was out of touch, business emails and messages from offspring who might need me going unanswered. No whirring from the water pump made me mournful of no running water. I had podcasts downloaded on my ipod and I was grateful for voices in my ears.

We went to the town hall to get water at the public spring. But we’ve been doing that for a few weeks anyway because there’s been a situation with the water pump that hasn’t been fixed. The well isn’t dry. The pump just quits working so we have no water. I unplug the pump, wait awhile, plug it back in and we’ll have water for a little while. Maybe enough for someone to take a shower. More often than not, I have to heat the water on the stove  in order to wash dishes. I’ve had to carry water from the pond to flush the toilet. And it’s not like the pond is right next to the house. The plumber who works for the property manager says the pump is fine. Sure.

Laundry is piled up more than it was before. I was already behind since I’ve been asking the landlord to fix the dryer since June. I’m limited to line drying outside on nice days. Now it’s even worse with the lack of water and then electricity to wash clothes.

The laundromat isn’t in the budget but we’ve had to do it a few times. Uniforms for work, clothes for school. We only paid half the rent for September. I don’t think the landlord understands that the laundromat can easily fuck up being able to pay bills like it does.

If I had money for security deposit, 1st and last months rent, I’d break my lease and move. It takes $3,000 minimum to move here. I don’t have that but I also just can’t do this. Fall is creeping in. Everything is just going to get harder if shit isn’t fixed. I can deal with a lot but when I’m already struggling with so much, I just can’t.

I’m tired. And then yesterday morning, I fell. A plastic hanger was on the floor hiding underneath a corner of a blanket draped on the couch. I slipped on it and fell, basically doing a belly flop. I had a pudding cup in one hand, a spoon in the other. The spoon stabbed me when I fell on it. The pudding cup was fine. Whew. The left side of my body took most of the hit. My knee and hip are messed up. Everything hurts and pain is exhausting. I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep but my brain is like, “Hey, you need to get out from under all this! No sleep for you.”

No bueno. No mas.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe your landlord would leave you without a safe and sufficient supply of water(especially considering you’ve got dependent children). Normally I would say to withhold the rent until both have been fixed but if only half of September’s rent has been paid I don’t know if it would be any help. It’s just so mind-boggling, I just don’t quite know what to say.:(

    1. I feel like they’re making it out to be like I’m being unreasonable and crazy? Feels like gaslighting. I actually had to take a step back a couple of weeks ago and solicit opinions on twitter LOL. “Am I crazy for thinking I should have running water when I pay over $1,000/month for rent?”
      AMAZING that I was actually feeling like I was the one being ridiculous.

  2. I’m sorry you have to deal with so many difficulties.
    About drying clothes, I have a clothes dryer but I prefer to air dry laundry in the house. I just hang the clean wet laundry on hangers and hang them in doorways of our home until they dry. Then they are ready to just put straight in the closet. I even do sheets like this.
    Small laundry does go on a storebought drying rack but I would put it on hangers to dry if I needed to.
    I don’t hang it outside because I live in very windy Oklahoma and we have lots of pollen and bugs that hide on the laundry that doesn’t get blown away.
    Best wishes to you

    1. I dont know what it is about this house but it feels like a cave sometimes. I do hang clothes all over the house inside but they take forever to dry. My husband’s work clothes take days to get totally dry and then the challenge becomes keeping them from smelling musty, although a fan helps sometimes. Maybe it’ll be easier in the winter when the woodstove is going. And then of course there is just SO MUCH LAUNDRY with so many people. I always run out of space LOL

  3. Is there any kind of landlord/tenant group that could help you put pressure on the landlord to fix things? Maybe the filter on the pump needs changing? It does make you realize how dependent we are on modern technology…. I’m sorry about the fall. Maybe taking a day off to rest could help you get back up and face all of this?

    1. my google and youtube searches lead me to think it’s the pump valve, which I passed along that idea to the landlord 3 weeks ago. “Yep,could be” LOL

      I lived in a house without running water for almost a year but it’s so different where you’re set up to accommodate that. There was a handy water source and easy ways to deal w/ it. Not so much here!

      I’m leaning towards having a super low key weekend. I need to just veg.

  4. I don’t have any trouble believing the landlord does that, but I don’t have a real idea how to change it. I keep camping gear on hand that helps sometimes. My drying rack holds quite a bit less clothing than I wish it did, and I’m living alone. Hanging things on hangers helps, but I’d have to run an indoor clothesline to have enough places to hang stuff. Two or three of drying racks might help if you have good circulation through your house. With respect to utilities, the only idea I have is a Taxmas project of getting battery power with a solar panel (or possibly a generator) to keep refrigeration and a few other essentials going. That’s not a really satisfying idea, but it’s all I have.

  5. Wow – sending you good vibes. I don’t have much to offer in the way of advice. Our washing machine gave up the ghost this week so I am washing clothes in the bath tub. I will think of you today when I am doing the clean clothes dance in my tub. Hugs.

  6. we are on pay as you go electricity here in the UK , its touted as a better way of budgeting ..Better way of sitting in the dark is more realistic , its more expensive , we are very rural so theres nowhere to vend the plastic key, plus you need money to go and vend the key, which we are having a few major problems with at the moment . Its just endless mindless dragging you down horrors from day to day , then you get the your not trying hard enough brigade …AAARRRGGHHH

    1. When we first moved into our last rented house, we discovered after we moved in that the meters had been changed to prepay, and the last tenant had done this without asking the landlord so they were not pleased. We had impeccable records but due to an internal error at EON they insisted on credit checking us which took them almost 3 months to do, so in the meantime we had to just use the prepay. It’s a Robin Hood scenario in my book; you are poor, so you pay more for your energy. I will never forget coming downstairs to cook dinner one night and not understand why the gas wouldn’t come on. It was because the card was empty and so we had to go out to the corner shop at 9.30pm at night to put more money on it 😦 Prepay is a scourge and ought to be banned in my view>:(

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