october 3rd, 2017

Some things to wade through today

mental wellness: “Don’t not set yourself on fire to keep others warm”– a thread on balancing social responsibility and exhaustion

podcast: Radiolab’s More Perfect- “Who’s Gerry and Why Is He So Bad At Drawing Maps?”

The Supreme Court is about to hear a case on how legislative districts are drawn to favor one political party over another.Good episode that breaks it all down, including the mathy stuff like The Efficiency Gap equation.

community building: “When you get a front door, remember to leave it open” – urban grassroots orgs for low income people to support each other around food, markets, and other events.

environmental justice: Underwater and Rising-The Housing Situation in Florida is About To Get Much Worse – there are so many layers to this. It’s a mess and it impacts poor and non-white communities more than anyone else

Jobs & Welfare: Elizabeth Warren Introduced A Bill To Ban “Right to Work” Laws – Good for her. I was a single,teen mom between jobs when The Clintons (yes, both of them) introduced right to work laws. That one “welfare reform” alone hurt so many people and continues to do so. It also impacts bigger things like unfair, low wages and crappy labor laws that hurt workers.

Racism Gap: The American Economy Isn’t Getting Any Less Racist – anti-Black hiring prejudices are just as prevalent as they were 30 years ago, deepening income inequality for Black people.

Activism: Host Teach-Ins About Bail and Pre-Trial Detentions – a guide with resources to help organize a teach-in event

Thoughts: An Open Letter To Privileged People Who Play Devil’s Advocate – I always say, “May I play Devil’s Advocate?” is the cousin of “I’m not racist BUT…”
Just don’t do it.

Perfect World:
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Art by the brilliant Ben Montero who always makes me have feelings


current anthem:

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