I hate ticks. They’re so gross. Opossums are also kind of gross (they small SO bad) but they’re tick eating machines. When I see a dead possum in the road near my house, I mourn a little bit. I need those guys on my side. It’s absurd that something so gross takes up so much time in my life. Daily checks. Gods help anyone in the family who doesn’t put our handy tick removal tool back in the drawer where it belongs so it can easily be found. I even started selling Avon because their Bug Guard is THE best and I couldn’t find a decent Avon Lady Representative in my area to buy it from.

People who don’t deal with ticks a lot freak out when I mention a deticking. casually. Like “OHMYGOD,you need to go to the doctor immediately!”. Nah. They’re mostly wood ticks, for one thing. Not to imply that wood ticks don’t carry nasty stuff but they aren’t Lyme carrying deer ticks. But also, even if they were deer ticks, not all carry Lyme’s and even if they do, not every tick attachment will infect you with Lyme’s or other diseases.
I guess you could say I’m not a tick alarmist, even though I’ve had Lyme’s disease before and it’s pretty terrible.

Colder days and less time spent outside made us a little lazy with tick checks. One got past us and burrowed it’s nasty little head into my back unnoticed for way too long. I felt like I had the flu. Also, my back hurt like it was bruised but I just thought I probably bumped it because I’m a klutz and that wouldn’t be unusual. But then it felt like more than a bruise ,which made me say to someone in my fam, “Hey, do you see something like a bruise?”

My bra was hiding it.  I will spare you the pictures. The wound after the tick was removed looked like I was shot.
A real TickSpotters story…from a person: “I found the tick on my chest just below my bra. I had felt it with my hand while talking to someone and realized it wasn't plant material because I couldn't pull it off. I used pointy tweezers to pull it out, and it came out STILL ALIVE! I wasn't wearing my tick repellent clothing but I will from now on. I have a shirt, pants, socks, and I treat my shoes. I know better”.

Last week I complained that the financial stress we’re under is harder because I felt like I wasn’t allowed to ever take a break and just relax . It’s a constant hustle to work harder that gets you nowhere.
Thanks, Tick. You grounded me and made me park my ass on the couch for a bit.

Two days into the doxycycline and I’m finally feeling slightly human. It’s unclear if I was feeling shitty because of the tick site infection alone or if I have something nastier. I suspect it’s just the primary infection but I’ll get a blood test in a few weeks to see what that says.

I’m so grateful we have insurance now that will cover all of this. When I had Lyme’s before, I didn’t have insurance and had to rely on the free clinic for care. The blood tests were not free and I had to pay out of pocket for them. And there were may blood tests because it wasn’t until later that they even started to think of looking for Lyme’s. They were looking for autoimmune disorders and staph infection.
The free clinic was only open twice a week with all volunteer staffing. It took literally months to figure out what was happening. It was one of the worst times in my life.

My boys have been hilarious this week. My youngest is hoping the tick was radioactive and will give me superpowers. No signs of any yet. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “grounded

  1. Boo to the tick bites! When my Dad was young he and his friends would boat to this island out in the fjord and they had a mandatory deticking session there every night before they turned in as it was just riddled with ticks there. Thank goodness you’ve got insurance. And I know you’ve been stressed out but sometimes (?) a bit of forced rest does help a lot.

  2. Glad to hear that you now have insurance and can get the care needed. And yes, sometimes an enforced “downtime” is a blessing in disguise. Hope you feel much better soon.

  3. Glad you have insurance! It’s amazing how something so simple as a tick bite can cost a bloody arm and a leg to treat @@. Huzzah for rest, even forced 😉 It sounds like forced rest is the only kind you would get though.

    We have similar tick paranoia down here because of these little suckers! Can be deadly to our pets, and don’t do the humans much good either!

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