Last month when our power was shut off, it also meant we had no phone or internet. We dont have cell phones. Our phone line is through the internet which was less expensive that having a landline where we live.

Husbeast drove the 30 minutes or so to the power company to find out how to get the power back on. The employee there was very helpful but maybe not grasping how hard it is to do things without phone or internet.
Her: I need proof that you get some sort of assistance and a copy of your lease.
Husbeast: Ok, I’ll be right back with that then.
Her: You can call them and have them fax it over.
Husbeast: Uh…no phone.
Her: Oh…

*a little while later after driving 20 minutes to DSS ,then 30 minutes to our house to get a copy of the lease and then 30 minutes back to the power company*
Her: So you make NEGATIVE -320 a month. You qualify for our payment plan so we can turn your power back on without payment today. You’ll pay installments with your regular bill.
Husbeast: Awesome. When can we expect power back on?
Her: We’ll call you and let you know when someone is coming. Someone has to be there to shut the main breaker off before they turn it back on.
Husbeast: But… no phone.
Her: Oh, can we email you then?
Husbeast: Uh…no Internet.
Her: Oh. Right. Is there family or friends we can call to give you the message?
Husbeast: Well, both of our families live about 40 minutes away. I don’t know how they’d get the message to us?
Her: Uh. Oh. Huh. Ok. I guess someone will just show up then.

Meanwhile at home, I’m freaking out because the school bus was late bringing youngest kiddo home. Did something bad happen? Was the school trying to reach me?
No, everything was fine. Just a substitute bus driver who literally got lost but my baby was late getting home and Mom-Brain went to alllll the what-if scenarios.

Unbeknownst to me, my kids who are away at college and my Mom were also freaking out because not only was I not answering the phone (not that unusual,tbh) but I wasn’t responding to any messages online (very unusual).
Teenage daughter was also freaking out because she needed a ride home but alas, no one was  answering her pleas. She got home eventually. Both of us had frazzled nerves by the end of the night. I didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know why we weren’t answering her and her brain went to all the bad places.

I waited all day for someone to come turn the power back on. I built a frickin’ fire outside to cook on like a damn pioneer woman. I read. I tidied things. I worked in the garden. Couldn’t clean too much or do laundry. La dee da. Killing time. When kids get home from school I yell at them for playing too rough because if they get hurt, I can’t call an ambulance soooo…. just don’t get hurt,ok? Mom-Brain again.

Husbeast gets home at 3p.m. No electricity still?
So he drives all the way to the power company before they close.
Employee says…. “Well, we tried to call to make sure someone was home…”
angry lilo and stitch GIF

Someone shows up 30 minutes later and turns the power back on.
happy wonder woman GIF

I spend the next hours returning phone calls,messages,emails reassuring everyone that I’m not dead and everything is fine.

(I will never understand why people actually have to question why a low income person needs anything that they wouldn’t consider going without for themselves. Phones and internet are good. We all need them,ok?)