December is still happening

I tried to cancel December but it’s still happening whether I want it to or not. Here’s how I’m starting off the month. Some of it’s actually good. Amazing.

We paid October rent. Last month the property management company (we have an absentee landlord) told me that as long as I was communicating with them about what’s happening with rent or trying to make payments, everything would be ok. In September we paid ¾ of the rent in the beginning of the month and the rest near the end of the month and they were ok with that,too. They seemed to be very flexible but then the week of Thanksgiving, they hand delivered a “Pay all rent in 3 days or you’ll be evicted” notice. I had exactly one month’s rent in the bank account but car insurance was due and we needed at least gas & grocery money. I explained that to them and got an email response that we needed to set up a payment plan but then no one ever contacted me further to do that so I have no idea. I’m just going to keep throwing them money when I can , I guess?

Job Stuff
My husband got a raise! Almost a whole dollar more per hour. It went into effect the week of Thanksgiving and it’s already making a small difference.

There were two confirmed cases of pertussis in my daughter’s school and because she has this horrible cough, they asked that we take her to the doctor. The cough doesn’t have the classic whooping sound but she’s been vaccinated and when vaccinated people get pertussis, the symptoms are less severe so the absence of that nasty sound doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Long story short – she was tested and ordered to be quarantined for 5 days until she’s finished with a course of antibiotics. The whole family also has to take antibiotics. As of this morning I don’t have the results back yet so we don’t know if she does actually have it. This is all precautionary.
Yesterday was Day 1 of her quarantine and she was already losing her mind a little. Very bored but it looks like the house will end up being very clean while she’s home because she figures she might as well do that. I will not argue with that plan at all.

Holiday Planning
We weren’t eligible for the gift program we participated in last year because we weren’t receiving food stamps yet when they were doing the applications. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do for an alternative yet. I’m also not terribly worried about it. My kids ended up celebrating Christmas kind of by default because of extended family. I’ve been Pagan my entire adult life and always slanted more toward the solstice being our holiday but inevitably, we still would end up celebrating on Christmas because it isn’t like December 21st is bank holiday where everyone gets a vacation day so it was more practical. I focus on my kids’ birthdays for the gift giving and big shindig because 1) gifts for 6 people is easier spread out through months than all in one day and 2) their birthdays are more precious to me than Jesus’ fake birthday. He was a cute baby and all but I didn’t birth him. ANYWAY … maybe I’ll just get the youngers each a little gift and we’ll have a nice solstice dinner this year and Christmas will be for extended fam.

Food and Food Stamps
The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally done and over with. I got a lot of mileage out of that one meal. Our SNAP day isn’t until the 9th but the cupboard is stocked with a lot of canned good and some staples so we’ll be fine. $210 doesn’t go far and that’s stressful. Mid-November ,Husbeast and I had a stupid fight over how to spend the remaining $60 left on our EBT card. He wanted to spend it on Turkey Day things and I was upset thinking that we could actually blow $60 on food for ONE day when there’s other days we have to eat,too. Also, I knew we would get everything for a Turkey Day meal at the food pantry. So I won that one but still, it’s horrible to have a huge fight over 60-damn-dollars.

Sidenote: Also in November, the husbeast went to Target to get toilet paper and he left the store with ONLY toilet paper. I don’t understand how something like that could happen. If I had been with him, I would have struggled to not walk out of there with Santa hats for all of my cats. We both make questionable shopping choices at different points. 

Mental Health
I’ve been feeling better. I’ve been aggressively self-caring and doing the things I know will help with my SAD. The weather has been very mild for this time of year here, in the 40s and sunny. That helps a lot (until I start thinking too much about climate change).


6 thoughts on “December is still happening

  1. Ugh yup. I’ve been paying my rent that way too mostly. Sometimes it’s $40-60 less at the beginning of the month and the. Next pay I send in the remainder. I’ve gotten one letter that said it was a Courtesy notice to remind me that rent is due in full by the 5th of each month……..well fuck you! I can’t give you money I don’t have!

    $180 snap for two….and I watch too much food waste at my human service job (kills me)

    Most X mas is going on credit card —-my debt hole is deep *sigh
    Im counting the days til tax refund but not counting on there being eic after cuz you just can’t be sure these days.
    Happy December! When I hit it big I’ll send you some.
    Anon in mass

  2. I’m sorry things are so rubbish atm. Husband and I have been having similar talks about spending, i. e. why spend x on one day or one thing when the x amount will cover food for us for y amount of time? That being said he is quite handy taking along when shopping for food as he’ll say ‘it’s not on the list’ and put it back, even if I say it’s a good offer XD

  3. Reading your post makes me want to cry and scream! Seems like the hole gets deeper and deeper. Sorry. What would stop this mess and put you on a forward path?

    1. I don’t even know anymore. Every time I feel like I’m making progress, something derails it . I know that once my younger kids are more independent, this will get easier. :-/

      1. yep, amazing how expensive kids can be! My last one is in college and I am already seeing an improvement in my financial situation.

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