Brought to you by…


I’ve been prefacing my recent entries with “This post is brought to you by/made possible by” followed by a small list of things currently in my life helping to support me or keep me going. These things that sustain me can range from kind words and found life moments that lift me to tangible objects, opportunities, and donations.

The list of things can look like a daily gratitude offering and it is but it’s also much more than that to me. It’s a recognition that I’m not going through this life alone. When I succeed, no matter how small or large, it isn’t just my own “moxie and hard work” that makes it happen. When I struggle, it isn’t my own determination that keeps my head above water. This applies to things personal and economic. I reject the bootstrap mentality that I or anyone alone can pull themselves up to achieve their goals. It is also not possible to find comfort and make the best out of bad situations like poverty and depression without relying on other people and things to provide relief.  In this current state of bad systems and perpetual crisis, we’re only going to survive and thrive if we help each other.

And I say survive and thrive knowing fully well there may not be a way to thrive for some (hell, maybe I’m included in that) but dammit, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on trying to build a better way.

5 thoughts on “Brought to you by…

  1. It’s not just in times of bad systems and crisis. It’s always. This comment brought to you by SSI, SNAP, my ex-wife, kids, grandkids, and dozens of recovering alcoholics, family members, and random people I encounter daily.

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