Go away, Elsa

Today’s post is brought to you by the Doctor Who Christmas special, bountiful leftovers, and firewood.

This is the third day of frigid temperatures here. robinson hollowThis morning’s ‘feels like” temp is -10. I think it’s actually 4°.
The forecast says much of the same for days to come. I feel like the goats could really use some pajamas right now.
Indoor temp was barely 50° when I woke up at 5:30. Three hours later it’s 57°.

As if I didn’t have enough anxiety entering my dreamworld, I’m now having nightmares where we run out of firewood.

I have to leave the house this afternoon for a dr’s appointment, shopping, and library stop. It’ll be nice to be inside where it’s actually warm but while we’re out, the woodstove won’t be fed and the temp will drop inside again. How annoying.

robholI need a babysitter for the woodstove.

Despite the cold, I’m enjoying the school break with my offspring. Mostly with the older offspring who are home from college. The younger two are driving me, each other, and everyone else bananas. There’s plenty to do so it’s not entirely a matter of them being bored. I think they just enjoy being chaos creators. Their break can’t end soon enough. How did I ever home school?


All photos by @mae.lillies

7 thoughts on “Go away, Elsa

  1. We have similar conditions here, but I’m blessed with living “on the grid” in the city. About all I can says is, “Take care of yourself,” and you already know to do that. Are the offspring capable and available to feed the wood stove?

    1. Yes, they do help out…when they’re home LOL
      At least I dont have to get up as much when they are around. They stay up late and feed the stove before they go to bed. It helps

  2. Ugh, I hate to even mention it but same weather here in mass but heat is included in my shit bag apartment……and I love winter….eek!

    Got my eyes on my tax refund…..I will cut someone if it’s delayed (and I don’t usually joke about violence)

    But fuck, being cold inside is miserable. I spent much of my childhood like that. I didn’t seem to notice for many years but I do also recall many awful times being frozen and uncomfortable inside the house….

    The only survivors of the zombie apocalypse will be the poor…

    1. Oh, but I’m happy for you! Heat included in rent is awesome. And I dont begrudge you the winter love :D. It IS pretty to look at!

      Funny but years ago I started writing a book about preppers and the post-apocalypse obsession. Poor people will know exactly what needs to be done and how to get through the worst. FOR SURE.

  3. Your pictures are lovely. This time between Christmas and Eater is always the hardest or me but the photo opps are plentiful. We’ve been & are currently going through a rough patch with a close friend being hospitalized. We all thought she was going to die; palliative care was called in but, miraculously, she is slowly improving; sitting up in bed & starting to eat soft foods. As I wait for spring to come, here in Michigan, I will find some projects to occupy my time & continue to visit our friend and
    offer encouragement.
    Wishing for you the best and comfort as you navigate the remainder of the winter season.

  4. I’m so sorry things are still so desperate with the heating. I know it’s unlikely but I hope it gets a bit less cold soon.

    I have nominated you for the Britain Blog Award for Mix-Niche Blogs – you can read about it here and take part, if you wish:

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