Love grows best in little houses

Inspirational Quote on Picture Frame.

[image via Google… from Etsy probably. I don’t know the person who made it but they didn’t attribute the quote to being from a song so I don’t feel that bad about not crediting them)

Flashback to 90’s country when Doug Stone sang about tiny houses being good for you.

For the record, I think that’s bullshit but I went and looked at a tiny ass mobile home that’s for rent and I’m bound and determined to squeeze my whole damn family into that thing. And they’ll like it, dammit.


Yes, we still have no running water in the kitchen or for laundry. You know how when you live in a dorm at college and there’s not really a communal kitchen that close to your room so you walk down the hall to get water to make your ramen and coffee? It’s a little like that for us now except more and  I’m also hauling water from the bathroom to the kitchen so I can wash dishes instead of washing them in the bathtub which was murdering my back and kinda gross besides that.

So, I’m looking at a narrow options for housing in one of the most expensive counties outside of the NYC area to live. I’m trying not to disrupt my kids school because my 12 year old just cannot deal with transitions and the school district we’re in is fantastic for kids like him. My littlest one loves his little friends and his sweet little rural school (that still is in the city school district so gets those perks) and my teenager is trying to graduate a year early from high school. It’s hard. The market is saturated with student housing for Cornell and IC students ($800 per ROOM?! How even? I can’t imagine…)

Pretty much everything even close to the price range we pay now (and still can’t afford) is tiny anyway. I found a mobile home in a small park for $750/month. That’s $400 less than what we pay now. It has better bus routes so I could work elsewhere easier. It’s closer to husbeast’s work. It has pros. It’s still tiny as hell and I’ll have to sell/gift away a ton of our shit AND get a storage unit.

I guess my thinking is that this can be uncomfortable living but temporarily. The extra money in our budget could help clear bills and boost our credit rating. Maybe we could even *gasp* SAVE SOME.  We qualify for low income homebuyer’s programs but still have to better our credit rating and have a certain amount for a low down payment and closing costs.

Cross all your fingers and things this plan goes off without hitches, please? Please and thank you.

9 thoughts on “Love grows best in little houses

  1. I hope you find somewhere better even if it is temporary. I remember reading in a previous post that your experience of living in a trailer park was poor – is that what this is? At the same time I guess anything is better than what’s going on right now. I’m so sorry things are like this. 😦

  2. Wishing you luck – as long as everyone knows that it’s just temporary and that they can all stay in their current schools they should be willing to go along with the move. I hope it works out for you.

  3. I know about the water. Mine wwas frozen for 8 days, and i did not have the energy to go out in 15 degrees and crawl down in a ditch and thaw it out. But I have learned over the years to store water for emergencies. Cat litter jugs are perfect. They have a handle and hold 2 gallons, and I had 8 of them. I just made it until the temperature got above freezing.

    I am absolutely behind you on your new place, and hope it all comes together for you.

    1. Ugh :-/ I’m sorry you can commiserate all too well.

      YES, the cat litter jugs are great! I’m using them so I have water handy in the kitchen so I dont have to make so many trips back and forth between kitchen and bathroom.
      We also have this monster 7 gallon container with a spigot I try to keep full at all times. You just never know.

  4. OK. I’m going to way in here. from what I’ve read your husband could do very well here in Houston. After, Harvey we are so short of his skills. ….That being said…..You should take the mobile home. In a previous life I was a recruiter. Meaning I moved

    people where they got better jobs. It doesn’t work with children over elementary. But since I’m not a mother I don’t know how it might work to present them with 3 altenatives. You might get a good response, If you had #1 stay with no water, move to a better part of country…more money, Or mobile home. Tiny homes are in now! I have been following you for 3 years now because I’m so impressed with your can do spirit. You may not see it but I have…things are moving forward! Keep it up!

    1. I’m not sure. He’s in his 50’s, it’s hard to be a new hire at that age and he’s not a skilled worker. He does manual labor but not skilled. And it’s harder and harder on his body now :-/

      Thank you for your encouragement 🙂

      1. If you are serious..check out It’s so much easier in warmer weather. If he would come here many people would benefit. If this is something you would consider. Let me know if he could help. Actually plenty of FEMA money. They are living in bad conditions with no one to help. I do Meals on Wheels. so I know.

      2. That just wouldn’t be a good fit for us. There’s relocation opportunities through hubby’s work to warmer locales but we’re a couple years away from being able to do that. Daughters chose their colleges partly based on ease of commute home and I need to be in close proximity to my mom. And really, hubby’s job is sometimes sucky but it’s secure and has great health benefits that he needs now.

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