This post is brought to you by running water,central heating, and clean laundry done in my own washing machine! And that smells like clean laundry and not wood smoke.


A screenshot of a vid I posted on IG since wordpress says I’m not endowed with those privileges. Hmmph.

The past month has been devoted to moving, being sick, and unpacking.
Home is now a 1978 14 x 70 mobile home in a trailer park. I’m learning to embrace minimalism as we squeeze our 1600 sq ft living situation into a 880 sq ft space.

That’s a lie. I’m not really embracing it. I’m tolerating it. This may be the title of my eventual book that will probably mostly be devoted to my love-hate feelings about kondomari and hygge and all the funny words for organizing: Tolerating Minimalism.

The trailer park is actually pretty nice with most of our neighbors being retirees or international grad students and their families. There’s a “lake” (it’s a big pond) stocked with fish.
The buses are better. It’s closer to husbeast’s work. The kids were able to stay in the same schools. Rent is $350 less. Electricity is less. We’re feeling a weird sense of stability, something we haven’t felt in quite awhile. I wouldn’t say we’re doing well but we’re certainly doing better.

I’m breathing easier at least.

AND WE HAVE RUNNING WATER. Heat is nice,too. This morning it was 8 degrees but nice and toasty inside. I’m thrilled.





8 thoughts on “oh,hai

  1. So happy to read your post. I had to smile a little. In 1978, I lived in a rented 14′ x 70′ mobile home! I was married to hubby #1 and we didn’t have any kids so we used BR 2 for storage. I actually liked the place except that, in summer, it was very hot ( our air didn’t work) and in winter it was drafty because the Windows were terrible & because there wasn’t a tree or any shrubs in sight to block the wind. Back in those days, you had to buy plastic by the roll and use duct tape to put it on the windows cuz they didn’t have the ready-made kits they have now. Anyway…here’s to spring!

    1. I definitely need some plastic for these windows,too! 😀
      The 1st trailer my mom owned and I lived in until I was 9 was almost identical to this one we’re renting. My mom cant remember what year model it was but it had to be late 70’s. Everything was avocado green LOL
      This one at least has updated wood laminate floors.

  2. Glad to hear that you are a bit more settled and that all the basics (like heat & hot water) are all working well. We really do take a lot for granted until it isn;t there.
    I hope this is just the start of better days.

  3. I was wondering how you were doing and I’m happy to see you have working utilities. It’s not your dream home, but with lower bills, maybe this will help get you to a better place in time.
    I expect you’ll always appreciate that hot Kitchen water every time you use it.

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