[this post brought to you by fancy olive oil someone gave me after cleaning out their cupboard, the reboot of American Idol, and robins chirping outside my window]

I’ve been sick or kids have been sick in between packing & trying to establish our new domicile, so I’ve admittedly been a little out of it but please enjoy these few things I did notice that are relevant to our interests. I know there were more but I just tried to look in my browser history for some of them and wow, what a daunting place.

(Enjoy? Not the right word. Nothing here in exactly enjoyable. )

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found at Revolution News

⇒There’s a new study that says going to a concert every two weeks can add to your life span. Well, I’m someone who would go to concerts all the time if I could afford to so I’m immediately thinking that the underlying reason frequent concert goers have a longer lifespan has something to do with disposable income that allows them to buy concert tickets. If you have lots of concert ticket money in your budget, you’re probably eating ok and have good access to things that keep you alive longer. The rationale behind the study is that “live music increases feelings of self-worth, closeness to others, and, especially, mental stimulation, all of which contribute to one’s sense of well-being. “.
But so does not living in poverty somewhat so I don’t know.

⇒Good question: Why isn’t it the norm for restaurants to donate their excess food?

⇒ Added to my To-Read List: Stand Together or Starve Alone by Mark Winne.  Winne says he wrote the book because “I’ve been in the food movement for 47 years now. I’ve seen two things happening. One, the movement keeps growing and diversifying, and it becomes more of a force in everyday life. But at the same time, I’ve been underwhelmed, unimpressed, and discouraged by the lack of progress in looking at the major indicators of hunger, food insecurity, obesity, diabetes—even the sustainability of the food system itself. We haven’t spent enough time working together and finding ways to collaborate.”